Jonas Brothers concert review

It was a cloudy night in West Palm Beach Tuesday evening at Cruzan Amphitheater, but even the promise of rain couldn’t stop the excitement felt by Jonas Brothers fans waiting for their favorite pop rock group to take the stage. There were mothers who helped their daughters hold up posters proclaiming their love for the brothers and tweens giggled in line at the merchandise booth hoping to score a new poster to slap on their bedroom wall.

The lawn section was brightly lit with fans hoisting glow sticks up in the air and the seats were barely used as opening act Demi Lovato took the stage with her brand of sugar-pop music and bounced through tunes such as her popular hit “Get Back”. Fans offered her shrill screams and sang along, excited to also hear some songs from the hit Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

Yet nothing compared to the screams when New Jersey-based Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas took the stage a little before 9 p.m. to the sound of the upbeat tune, “Feeling Alive”. At just 22, 21 and 17 years-old, respectively, they commanded the stage with a fire and passion that compared to the same die-hard love their fans fed them from the crowd.

“It feels good to be back in South Florida!” yelled Joe Jonas, sporting his trademark tight black jeans, tank top and jacket which had most of the girls staring with a smile. As soon as he said that, it felt as if most of the crowd agreed with him as they shared shrill screams and waved light-up sticks and posters in the air.

The Jonas Brothers production is as sleek and prepped as they come. The brothers mastered their music and at times were surrounded by backup dancers and colorful imagery projected on three huge backdrop screens. They were not ones to forget their fans as they tried to offer as much human contact as possible, heading forward to the tip of the stage and grabbing hands and greeting fans during songs.

For those expecting a fun-filled evening filled with a little “rock-cardio exercise”, this was the perfect package. During the bubbly tune “Year 3000” – an upbeat tune about imaginary time travel – dancers dressed in sparkly tops and jumping up and down on pogo sticks joined the brothers, making the crowd jump right along with them. During the Camp Rock 2 tune “Heart and Soul” led by Joe Jonas with lyrics such as “If you got heart and soul, you can rock and roll…” fans pumped fists in the air and grooved along with the band’s backup dancers dressed in 1960’s type outfits.

All this fan energy seemed to make Nick Jonas happy as he grabbed the mike after this song to chat with the audience. “Thank you all for coming out tonight,” he said with a smile. “We are so happy to be back here to play. You all sound beautiful and look beautiful tonight.”

On an evening high note, feeding off the energy of the fans, Nick Jonas then proceeded to take the stage by himself with a guitar to complete a challenge his brother Joe gave him. He had to sing the song from Camp Rock 2, “Introducing Me”, in less than 2 minutes and 17 seconds. “I’m gonna need your help,” yelled Nick with a laugh to the cheering audience. A huge, red digital clock appeared on the screen behind him and to the applause of the audience he almost completed the challenge as the numbers “ticked tocked” in the background. What made him lose? His last, and very impressive, high note.

Another of the evening’s best moments, Demi Lovato joined the brothers to sing her tune from Camp Rock, “This is Me”. Dressed in a bedazzled purple dress, Lovato commanded the stage and you could sense the chemistry between her and ex-boyfriend – yes in real life – Joe Jonas.

After this it was time for hits, hits and more hits. Every song was a sing-along that night, such as the upbeat “Paranoid” from the album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” and the bouncy and pop “L.A. Baby” from the television show by the same name in Disney Channel.

“You guys having fun”, yelled the boys during these tunes. As the audience screamed, the boys wanted more. “Come on you can do better than that!” More screams followed, making some mothers cup their hands over their ears to drown out as much of it as possible, even though they still danced through most of the brother’s tunes.

Towards the end of the set the boys proved their talent by covering The Beatles song “Drive my Car” and Nick Jonas slowed the set down a bit by covering his solo tune, “Who I Am”, which had some in the audience teary-eyed as he spoke about his battle with diabetes. The nostalgia continued as they sang “Please be Mine”, the first song they ever wrote and created as a group, with images of them growing up projected on the big screen behind them.

Once the evening drew to a close with “Lovebug” and the encore songs “S.O.S.” and “Burning Up” , where the brothers were surrounded by flattering bright lights, it was clear to see that the Jonas Brothers create quite the manic frenzy once they take the stage with their perfectly presented brand of pop rock. But in the end, it’s all about the adoring fans that feed the frenzy and spend the entire night singing along to their favorite group of boys.


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