John Digweed takes over the decks at Mansion

You might remember John Digweed from “Northern Exposure,” his groundbreaking progressive house CD series in the ’90s with frequent partner Sasha. Or you might have a few of his epic compilation mixes for the Renaissance and Global Underground labels, or for his own label, Bedrock. Or maybe you just happened to catch one of his many sets over the years at dozens of Miami hotspots. Whatever the case, if you love electronic dance music, you don’t want to miss this British superstar DJ when he steps behind the decks at Mansion on Thursday night. Digweed talked to about the show, his musical philosophy, and partial plans for next year’s Winter Music Conference.
Q: What can we expect from your set, and how long will you play?
A: I always like to play the best in electronic music. I am known for playing the future big club tracks, not the current ones. Usually I will play two or three hours of deep house to techno and everything in between.

Q: Your sound has evolved drastically over the years, from progressive house to techno to minimal and more. Where are you now?
A: I don`t like to be put in a box. I like to play good quality music from all styles except the commercial end of things. I don`t see the point in playing the same sound all night, so I like to try and mix things up a bit, which makes things more interesting for me and the crowd.

Q: You’re obviously a tastemaker – what has to jump out at you from the thousands of tracks you receive weekly for you to consider including it on one of your compilation mixes?
A: Well, I listen to them over and over again, and look at the reaction they get when I play them out. If the track excites me less the more I hear it, then it won`t make the cut.

Q: With your success with Sasha and your mixes for Renaissance and Global Underground, what inspired you to start your Bedrock label, and what’s its musical mission?
A: Well, I think you always want to be in charge of your own destiny, so running a label seemed like the most natural thing for me to set up.

Q: Any plans for another collaboration with Sasha?
A: Nothing in the pipeline at the moment.

Q: After almost two decades in the biz, what keeps you interested?

A: I love what I do and live and breathe music 24/7/365. So if you enjoy something, you work harder and longer with it. I have worked hard over the years on my career and still love to travel every weekend to different countries playing to people who want to hear my sound.

Q: Is it too early for you to make Winter Music Conference plans? If you can tell us any, where will you play?

A: The Vagabond for sure, and another boat party – more will be announced in the near future.

Q: How often do you get here, and what do you think of Miami?
A: I love Miami and the party vibe that’s here. As I am involved in The Vagabond, I try and get out as much as possible, as it`s one of the best party cities in the USA.


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