The club scene got even sexier in Miami recently, as the “French Phenomenon” DJ duo Jidax hit town, straight from Paris’ famous nightspot Queen. They played at Mokai and SET in mid-July, where they broke out fresh and sultry European beats to move your feet. There’s no deep, profound meaning behind the group’s name other than being an amalgam of its members Jide and Axel, but their music is certainly deep and profoundly intense, and guaranteed to make your pulse race. This is energetic house/techno at its fist-pumping best. Axel talked to Miami.com about the shows.



Are you excited to come to Miami?

Yeah, we’re very excited about the gigs – we’re coming tomorrow and playing that night and then Friday night.


Have you performed here before?

Yeah, we played at SET during Winter Music Conference at the end of March. It was amazing – it was the first time we did the Conference and the first time we played in Miami.


What can we expect from your shows?

This week is going to be very intense. We have a lot of new productions we’d like to share with the Miami audience. We have a lot of bootlegs, and I think it’s gonna be a really good night.


Will each night be different?

Yes, we haven’t planned to do the same thing. At SET on Friday night, we have something special planned, like more classic tunes.


Do you two spin at the same time, or tag-team?

All the time we play at the same time. When he plays a track, I’m trying to find something to add to the mix, and we want, both of us, to impress the other, blow each other’s mind.


How would you describe your sound?

What we’re trying to do is take a lot of different influences from everywhere – trance music, big house, progressive house, even the classics – to make a special sound. We don’t focus on a specific kind of music, but we’re trying to do something new, to catch the maximum audience.


How did you end up getting your big break at Queen?

We knew someone who used to organize parties there, and we were 17 years old and we called in every day, “Please, give us a chance, let us play once.” And the first gig he gave us was the 2nd of January, the worst gig you could have, because it’s two days after the new year. Who’s going out after the new year? And we were so excited, we called every friend, brothers, sisters, to come for the first night, and the club was full, so that was the big start for us.


Who most influenced you musically?

There’s nobody, because we try to take influences from every kind of sound. But if you want to compare us, of course it’s Daft Punk, because they are French and they are the best. Other music we love is Swedish House Mafia, Bob Sinclar, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto.

Jidax ft. Chynna Paige – Power Of Love Is Back by Jidax


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