Jersey Shore shoots video

How did the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore spend their last day in Miami?

In Hialeah, with one of the Magic City’s top stars.

The Garden State guidos – who flew back home the morning of Friday, May 28 – teamed up with Enrique Iglesias during filming for the Latin star’s new music video, “I Like It”.

The upbeat song (with Miami rapper Pitbull and Lionel Richie) will be featured on the Jersey Shore soundtrack and Iglesias’ new album, Euphoria.

In the video, the tanned reality stars – who play themselves – try to sneak into a club where Iglesias is performing. Pauly D, a DJ, felt right at home. “I love it, this is right up my alley.”

And now, the cast has a new friend.

“They’re actually very good kids,” Iglesias said. “I go a lot by first impressions and they gave me a good vibe. You can never judge anyone by what you see on TV.”

So what should fans expect from the upcoming season (slated to begin on July 29)?

“We had such a good time out here,” said Mike “The Situation.” “Sure, we had arguments, breakups and makeups, but I put my everything into what I was doing, and I think it’s an accomplishment that we made good TV.”

What will the six-packer miss most about living on South Beach?

“Miami girls are so beautiful and exotic, and I can’t go wrong because I like girls with dark hair,” he said. “Whether
you’re Italian or Spanish, I love you.”

The recently single Snooki had a different take on things.

“People in Miami are very nice. I haven’t seen one person with an attitude.”

What about that guy she threw a drink at last month in that bar fight on Ocean Drive?

“Obviously, there’s a couple people that stand out, but that’s what happens sometimes,” she said.

So is it goodbye forever, or will the hair-gelled, fist pumpers be back for Season 3 of the Jersey Shore?

Pauly D’s in the dark.

“We don’t know yet, I think most of us are staying but I really couldn’t say.”


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