Jazid owner Daniel Wohlstein is selling his club: ‘The City of Miami Beach has killed the nightlife of South Beach’

That time Prince played JazidDaniel Wohlstein
In 1996, actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld and heartthrob Austin Mahone were born. And on South Beach, a place called Jazid debuted.
A small, smoky, sexy, sultry, candlelit lounge that was the embodiment of Sade’s “Smooth Operator,” but was more musically evolved than that. Everyone went there at some point–and we mean everyone, from Prince to Billy Corgan and some guys from Phish.
On Friday, June 23, Jazid kicks off its 21st birthday celebration with performances by Lil Scrappy and DJ Zog and on Saturday, Trick Daddy with Fergie Springer. And while Jazid’s annual birthday bash is nothing new, this is: the celebration will be its last. After 21 remarkable years in business on the shaky sandbox of South Beach, Jazid has been sold.
Owner Daniel Wohlstein gave us a simple reason: “I’m tired.” And who can blame him? While he would rather not reveal too much about the sale or the new owner, all we know is the buyer is French and Jazid will be no more.
So besides being rightfully tired after 21 years, why is Wohlstein really throwing in the towel?
“There is a simple answer: the City of Miami Beach has killed the nightlife of South Beach. The parking increases, the police, the rules–people stop coming to the beach,” Wohlstein laments.
“Jazid is probably the best place that Miami Beach has had, and not because it has been mine,” said Wohlstein. “Lately we had to mutate into a hip hop club because South Beach gave us no option. We still do good, it’s simply not fun for me anymore.”
But don’t sing your torchy swan song for the place just yet.
“We are closing the deal July 12, Wohlstein says, “So you never know. If it does not close for any reason, we plan to remodel it -it needs it. Twenty one years of jumping and dancing will do that to a place.”
That time Prince played JazidDaniel Wohlstein
 Jazid is located at 1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (until it closes). 


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