Is King of Diamonds strip club coming to Ocean Drive?

Update: So maybe not. Par for Miami’s course, the whole thing sounds like a scam. Now the alleged owner alleges he is just opening a soul food restaurant. King of Diamonds claims no involvement. Something is off besides the clothes. 

Update: Oh boy. We hate to tell you we told you so but it’s on. It’s so on. According to, “On July 4th, the famous King of Diamonds will partner with T.I. and his new V Live!, to open a massive gentlemen’s club in Miami – right on Ocean Drive.” Owned by rapper Akinyele, the “first black-owned business on the strip” will also become command central for a web series that “will center around King of Diamonds and focuses specifically on the trials and tribulations of opening the club, managing the dancers and handling the patrons.” The club is scheduled to open the same day as the premiere of the web series–July 4. 


Residents and tenants on Ocean Drive are about to revolt big time after discovering that Miami strip club King of Diamonds has taken over the space at the Netherland, 1330 Ocean Drive and is actively engaged in construction day and night.

“When it was first rumored that King of Diamonds was coming to Ocean Drive, I thought it was a joke — it didn’t seem possible the city would allow a strip club to open on Ocean Drive,” said one resident, who added, ” I am a part-time resident and when I was in town last week I passed by the Netherland on several occasions and even went up the stairs and noticed that the lights were on and construction noise was loud after 8 p.m. in the evening. KOD has shown they have no regard or respect for the legal requirements of operating a business as KOD is currently being sued by Miami-Dade County because KOD illegally constructed and opened their 60,000 square-foot North Miami location without bothering to obtain the necessary Permits and Certificate of Use.”

An email went out by concerned citizens saying:

“KOD is a huge concern for Miami Beach, its residents and its businesses. I have been coming to Miami Beach for the last 25 years, own a condo and hoped to spend my retirement years here but not if KOD opens. KOD will change Miami Beach forever. I (and everyone I have talked to) sincerely believes that KOD needs to STOPPED NOW.

STOPPING KOD — together we can gather the voices to make KOD go away. Please attend this meeting if you can.  In the meantime, we welcome suggestions and also please contact and continue contacting the [sic] Major and your commissioner.”

A meeting is taking place at 5 p.m. Monday, June 27 at Il Villagio, 1445 Ocean Drive. Stay tuned.