In a dubstep world, Datsik is living large

Canadian DJ/producer Datsik, real name Troy Beetles, is pretty new on the scene, but has quickly made a name for himself in the dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass world with his dark, robotic sound that draws equally from the hip-hop and electronic music worlds. His debut album, “Vitamin D,” features collaborations with mash-up wizard Z-Trip, Infected Mushroom and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. Catch him during WMC at Space, the Raleigh Hotel, Mekka and both weekends of the Ultra Music Festival – his sets will surely have you walking away saying, “That’s sick.”

Are you excited for Winter Music Conference?
Yeah, super-stoked, man – we’re on our way to Austin right now to do a showcase, then we’re hitting Miami and we’re in it for the long haul, I guess.

I see you’re performing during both weekends of Ultra – will your sets be pretty different?
Yeah, I think so – the first weekend, I’m playing on the main stage, so I’m probably going to switch it up from that to the one where I’m playing on the bass stage. So I think they’ll be pretty different.

Those Ultra sets are outdoors – do you approach those differently from something like your gig indoors at Space?
Well, I think the time of day when you play makes a difference in what I’ll end up playing. If I’m playing earlier, I’ll probably play something more fun, and then at nighttime play something a little bit darker or crazier. When people are all kind of mashed-up, it’s fun to get a little more experimental, you know what I mean?

What can we expect musically in terms of new tracks or stylistically?
I’m gonna be jumping around quite a bit. I play quite a bit of hip-hop and hip-hop mash-ups along with dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass and a lot of trap as well – trap has been kind of going off in my set. Just keeping it all over the map a little bit, and it makes it interesting.

Speaking of dubstep – it’s almost mainstream now, even appearing in TV commercials. Do you find that funny, or does it bother you, or what?
I find it funny – I think it’s absolutely crazy, actually. Whenever I’m traveling, walking through airports or walking by Sears, you know, I hear dubstep [laughs] and it just blows my mind, honestly.

What inspired you to begin producing music in the first place?
Well, I’ve always been an avid snow-boarder and was always into hip-hop, so I actually injured myself pretty badly when I was younger, and when I did that I started making a lot of music. I just kinda got into it, just noodling around, and as I got a bit older I started taking it a bit more seriously and went to school for it. And I guess it all worked out – I was planning on being a sound designer for a video game company, but I just kind of fell into it by accident. And I’m super-stoked that I did, because now I get to travel around the world and see all these cool places. I’m just trying to take it all in, and it’s awesome.

You’ll be down in Miami for the entire WMC week – are there any specific shows you want to catch?
What I usually do for my week in Miami is just hang out with my friends that I don’t get to see all the time. I usually just go with the flow – there’s no one in particular. If my friends are playing at Space, I’ll go to Space, and if they’re playing at Mekka, I’ll go to Mekka.

You get to Miami fairly often – what do you think of the city?
Oh, I love it. It’s absolutely amazing – every time I come here I try to stay an extra day or two, and soak up some sun.


Datsik – UMF Firepower Showcase (Dec. 21st 2012) by Datsik