How to get a key to House, Wynwood's first nightclub

Six years in the making, House is reportedly ready to opens its doors Friday, May 16 after seemingly endless delays caused by permitting. The supercharged nightclub at 1915 NW Miami Court will be the first-of-its-kind in Wynwood, a neighborhood commonly celebrated for its laid-back revelry and edgy art.

Miami-based Mark Lowe is the nightlife impresario behind the elaborate vision for House. He’s designed dozens of commercial, residential, and nightlife projects around the world, including Living Room in downtown Fort Lauderdale, which was also dubbed as a “first” in that area when it opened in 2008.

His promise to partygoers: to bestow a place where guests will feel safe revealing their secret desires, where sensory surrealism will take over, and where chilled, fragrant air designed to stimulate will fill the myriad rooms inside the nearly 10,000 square-foot space.

What’s more, there are bedrooms complete with custom-made beds and Fendi pillows (naturally) and a resident character called the “Grandmother,” who will pass out cookies and condoms (safety first!).

Lowe, who’s known for regularly greeting guests at his venues like a doorman, vows to stay true to the inherent vibe of the Wynwood Arts District by showcasing multimedia art by local artists and performers. Their work will most likely appear on the nightclub’s walls that are equipped with 360-degree architectural mapping in the form of 3D panoramic projections, holograms, and fog screens.


There’s one catch. Guests will only be able to enter the rabbit hole that is House with a key (similar to a hotel key) they receive prior to opening weekend, aka the “housewarming party.”

How to get a key to House, as explained by owner Mark Lowe:

Register for a key on the House website at

How long will it take to get a key?

That depends on the time frame. House has always been a key-based venue. As this project has gone on for 2+ years, I have left the key registration up out of respect for people’s patience and loyalty. I was very clear that the keys would be limited and wouldn’t continue indefinitely. Anyone who registered from day one will be taken care of.

How many keys are up for grabs?

20,000 keys were created and 20,000 have been sent out. We’ve had several thousand kicked back due to change of addresses, people moving, etc. This is taking time to go through, but a little patience will be the key.

People on Facebook seem to be upset about the wait. Why haven’t they received their keys yet?

There are many people who registered after the fact, when the opening announcement finally came. The vast majority of complaints come from that place. I want to be clear that House is not a nightclub. It is my artistic interpretation of a living, breathing HOUSE party.

I am specifically and relentlessly choosing to define a House with no rules, barriers or boundaries. If I’m being true to that vision, you must have a key to enter, unless you break in… and you will be treated as a welcome guest, period. When was the last time you went out and had an unforgettable night? I’m not talking about the DJ or performer. I’m talking about YOU. A house party is an intimate experience because everyone feels connected. At the end of the night, someone is passed out in your bed or trying on your panties. House is the personification of that.

Will key holders be able to bring guests?

No. The key is registered solely to you. Because this is a private House and space is limited, you must have a key and RSVP.

Do you think people will label House as yet another pretentious nightclub because of the keys?

It disgusts me that certain nightclubs pick, choose, abuse, and mistreat people based on their appearances. It is a privilege that people come to frequent your venue and it is because of them that we exist. I am simply an artist with a vision of a House that requires a key. I don’t want the design and vision of this project destroyed by thousands of sweaty bodies. I am limiting the House party to 500 guests who have pre-registered. I can’t guarantee people will get in if we are at capacity, but I can guarantee if they are waiting in line, the House “Grandma” will be handing out milk and cookies.

Was the addition of House to Wynwood necessary?

Wynwood has amazing local lounges and bars. I get very frustrated when it’s said that House is a megaclub or somehow destroying or gentrifying an area that I love. House is, first and foremost, an art space. It’s an opportunity for local artists to show their work in a completely different and digitalized way. It’s 2014, we need to be open to a new concept in expression, push the envelope creatively, and smash all the boundaries and labels around us.