Havana nights @ Regent, Disco Inferno 2.0 @Cameo, an art auction in Wynwood & full moon celebrations

Havana Nights
So this Cuba thing, yeah, we know. Polarizing. But instead of getting into an argument at the cafecito counter at Versailles, consider sipping the olive branches from 7 p.m. until closing every Wednesday at the Regent Cocktail Club, 1690 Collins Ave., where the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba-themed party will keep you close to home and happily buzzed. There, mixologist Julio Cabrera and his team will shake up Cuban-themed cocktails such as the Hotel Nacional and the Cuban Viejo. There will also be Cuban carnival dancers, salsa dancers, a dominos tourney and cigar rollers. All this, less than 90 miles away. Viva Regent!

Funky Town
To the dismay of many, disco, like cockroaches and Cher, will survive a nuclear war – even one on a wakcked out whim by Kim Jong-un. So get over it , people. Disco is here to stay. Exhibit No. 1 – the Funky Town party (“a throwback to the days of disco at the Cameo, but with a twist”) taking place at 9 p.m. Sunday, August 2 at the not quite open Cameo Theater, 1445 Washington Ave.. This party will not just feature an original Cameo staff reunion, but a super sonic soundtrack that would make Deney Terrio and his dance troupe Motion restless with excitement. DJ 138 and DJ Walter Capote will spin disco, funk, Italo✔ disco, freestyle and more. There will be free hors d’oeuvres and open bar until midnight. “Funky outfits and bell bottoms encouraged.” Say you’re going on their Facebook page and there’s no cover charge. If you’re not on their FB RSVP, “a minimal fee will be charged.”

Art for Life
Art is so much more than a picture on the wall that you stare at pretending to care at Art Basel. Sometimes art even saves lives, such as the Free & Fearless 5K Art Auction, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, August 1 at MIArt Space, 151 NW 36th St. There, you will not only eat food, drink cocktails and listen to music, but you’ll have a chance to bid on art, with proceeds completely benefiting the Glory House of Miami, a non-profit organization that aims to not only rescue, but also aid in providing housing, safety, and rehabilitation to victims of modern-day slavery in South Florida. Admission is free.

Blue Moon Oyster Cult
Ok, ok, every day is a National Day of something, but when it’s National Oyster Day, like it is Friday, July 31, which so happens to coincide with the astrological phenom known as a blue moon, it’s something special. Especially when, duh, Blue Moon Brewing Company jumps on the boozy, briny bandwagon as it is over at Midtown Oyster Bar, 3301 NW 1st Ave., where a kickoff party from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. will feature Blue Moon samplings, telescopes to see the actual lunar situation, and a happy hour offering of four beer buckets served with six free oysters. A $6 Blue Moon and oyster pairing will be offered through Friday, August 7. To RSVP for this National excuse to eat and drink, click here.

About That Moon
Friday may as well be National Full Blue Moon Day too, which is sort of is considering all the lunar-related events taking place to celebrate it, such as the one starting at 7 p.m. at Nikki Beach, 1 Ocean Drive, featuring fire dancers, fortune tellers and live music. Get there early to stake your claim to a teepee. In addition to the astronomical event up in the sky, there will also be a not quite astronomically priced menu of lobster, paella and more. No cover charge, either.