Happy Hour: Smith & Wollensky

The Vibe: It’s not clear what’s the bigger draw at this New York-originated steakhouse, the food or the view. Set on the tip of recently reopened South Pointe Park, patrons enjoy cocktails while watching cruise ship lumber through Government Cut. The outdoor seating is literally waterfront. The view of Fisher Island is as close to the enclave as many of us will ever get.

Prices/Deals: General Manager Henry Delgado likes to say “It’s always Happy Hour,” which really means it’s never really Happy Hour. Prices don’t change, regardless of the day of the week. Still, the outside bar is packed on Friday afternoons, with people happy to lay down $8 for a beer or $13 for a mixed drink. If you have the chance, try the Mojito, priced at $11.

The Scene: Smith & Wollensky likes to think of its Friday afternoon clientele as a South Beach version of Cheers. Except nobody looks like Cliff or Norm. Young professionals roll in wearing polo shirts and loafers, sundresses and Christian Dior eyewear. “Ninety percent of our Friday night crowd, we’ll know on a first-name basis,” Delgado says.

Smith & Wollensky, 1 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL


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