Guy Gerber plays Club Space on Saturday, June 9

Israeli DJ Guy Gerber was a big hit in Miami during WMC, with sets all over town including Carl Craig’s techno party at the Shelborne and the Electric Pickle’s closing party. In the unfortunate case that you missed him, you’ve got another chance to see him spin at Space on Saturday, June 9, where he’s sure to unveil tracks from his new album with the suddenly dance-music obsessed P. Diddy, “11-11,” plus material from his new CD for the renowned U.K. label Fabric. He talked to about the show, working with Diddy and why he gave up playing soccer for house music.
There’s a sense of mystery in your CD for Fabric – will that show up in your set?
Mystery is when the future is unknown and there’s a sense of temptation, and also danger. The way that I prepare my audio clips, there is for sure a sense of danger, because I’m not really getting prepared. I’m always very tempted to try new things, so I guess there’s mystery in my sets. To be more serious, I like to let my melodies live in an environment that is a bit further than the actual room of the drums, and that creates a sense of mystery.

Your Fabric CD is an artist album – isn’t that rare for a label series?
It’s extremely rare, but I enjoyed the challenge and also had a lot of music in me that I wanted to put out. So I thought that it would be a good idea to do both.
You’ve mentioned Steve Reich as an influence. Do you see a connection between the music you make and classical music?
Classical music is very melodramatic, and unfortunately my mom made me enjoy the music. This album is certainly more of a requiem than an encore.
Tell us about working with P Diddy.
Puffy called me one day when I was in Italy and asked me to come to New York and make some music for him. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he had given one of my tracks to all the producers working on the album to serve as inspiration. I started to make some music with him, and rather than just do a remix, we moved into doing an album, which is “11-11.” The music is not straightforward – I think it’s not what people would expect from Puffy, and it’s a lot different from what he’s done previously in dance music.
He’s [P.Diddy] obviously been branching out to dance music, but do you have a love of hip-hop yourself?
I love the stuff that Pharrell [Williams] was doing some years ago, and at the moment my favorite is Clams Casino, but in general I was more of a indie-rock person.
You were on the Israeli national soccer team – what steered you toward creating music instead?
There was a girl involved, but also listening to The Smiths and realizing that I wanted to do something that would touch people’s hearts the same way their music touched mine.

What position did you play, and how good were you?
I was number 8, right mid-field. Basically I was the free player that creates opportunities on the field. I was better as a soccer player than a musician, but I was too anxious at the time, and thought that it wasn’t really for me. I never regretted it.

Are you still in game shape, and do you still play? If not, do you miss it?
I miss the fact that while you play the game, it is so fast and there’s no time to think on anything else.

How often do you get to visit Miami, and what do you think of the city?
Well, well, well… I love Miami. It seems like I’m there every two months. I love the vibe, the people, the style and the food. “Miami Vice” is my all time favorite TV show, and of course who doesn’t like “Scarface.”

What can we expect from your show at Space in Miami?
A lot of pretty girls in the crowd.


My Invisible Romance – SFR 017 by Guy Gerber


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