Grammy Award winner Marlow Rosado brings weekly music series to Brickell

For those looking for more tropical and Latin flavor in their nightlife, the Hoxton in Brickell will be hosting a night of tropical music every Wednesday beginning on August 21 with The Hoxtons’ Tropical Band featuring Grammy Award winner Marlow Rosado. There he will play music from his critically acclaimed repertoire, as well as classic hits from the likes of Selena, Celia Cruz and Marc Anthony.

Puerto Rican native Rosado has an extensive music background working in many styles including salsa, merengue and bachata; he has also worked with many world-renowned talents like Elvis Crespo. This year, he won a Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album with his album Retro. We spoke with him about his music and what can we expect from his performances at the Hoxton.

How did you get into music?

“One year for Christmas I asked for a Tonka truck…On Christmas day, I saw this big box under the Christmas and I swore it was the Tonka truck. And she didn’t find the Tonka truck so she bought me an organ…It was divine intervention…I never ever would think I would own a musical instrument and here I was on Christmas Day holding an organ…and here I am a bunch of years later and I’ve made it my career.”

How’d you get into tropical music?

“My influence has always been tropical music. I’m Puerto Rican and in Puerto Rico, the music in time I was growing up was [tropical music]. Salsa has just been a big part of my family; my whole family is into tropical music.”

What are your Wednesday nights at the Hoxton going to be like?

“It’ll be hot every Wednesday at the Hoxton. I’m playing a seven-piece orchestra. There’ll will be horns, percussion, piano, bass, it’ll be a full-on dance night with all of the players from my Grammy-award winning album Retro….Also, there’s not a lot of salsa or tropical brands in the Brickell are…and finally, there’s going to be a place to listen to a live orchestra [playing tropical music] in Brickell.”

The Hoxton Presents The Hoxtons’ Tropical Band with Marlow Rosado every Wednesday night beginning on August 21. Located at the Hoxton, 1111 SW 1st Avenue in Brickell. Show begins at 9 p.m. For more information, go to