Gold Digger Tuesdays Return

The fabulous Tuesday night party, Gold Digger returns to Louis at the Gansevoort, tonight. This was one of my favorite parties at Louis; the crowd is always hype, the people are high class, and the music is always great. Louis is extremely exclusive; you don’t have to worry about all of Miami being in the club rubbing up against you, only the finest are allowed past the doormen.  This might seem pretty harsh, but Louis prides itself on being an upscale venue where the elite can come to play without having to worry about who’s watching.  Be as carefree as you’d like and get ready to dance all night alongside some of the sexiest ladies and the handsome gents of South Florida.

Tonight there’s a special treat; with every bottle you purchase you’ll receive $1000 Gold Digger Dollars, at the end of the night the person with the most Gold Digger Dollars will win $1000 cash and a free bottle of Dom Perignon; which can be redeemed tonight or saved for another night. Who says you have to wait for the weekend to party, head to Louis tonight; doors open at 11pm.


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