Go Drink This: Port of Call


The drink: “Port of Call” by Robert Ferrara

The price: $13

The story: He’s known as the gin man, but don’t call Robert Ferrara a one-spirit wonder. The bar manager behind the cocktails at Lure Fishbar is ready to unveil a new rum-centric concept with his partners at Barrel Aged Management.

The Rum Line, an outdoor tiki bar on the terrace of the historic St. Mortiz building, opens to the public Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Loews Miami Beach. The vibe is at once Polynesian and Caribbean, which is a fun blend. “How can anyone not have a good time with a tiki mug in their hand,” Ferrara asks as he places a miniature pirate into the crushed ice overflowing from his latest masterpiece, the Port of Call.

It’s a tiki-style interpretation of the ancient milk punch inspired by PortMiami. Ferrara toiled with this recipe for quite some time as he experimented with spices and nuts that could be found coming through the seaport such as ancho chiles, cacao plants, cinnamon and almonds.

For a complex yet remarkably balanced result, he pours Atlantico Riserva rum from the Dominican Republic and shakes it with Ancho Reyes (ancho chile liqueur from Mexico), Solbeso (made from the cacao plant – not the bean), passion fruit puree, unsweetened almond milk, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. Freshly grated cinnamon and a mint sprig are added, along with said pirate. How’s that for a booty call?

Where to find it: The Rum Line at the Loews Miami Beach, 1601 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. (On your treasure map, look for the terrace of the St. Mortiz, adjacent to Lure.)