Go Drink This: Aperol Spritz


The drink: Aperol Spritz

The price: $12

The story: We hear the weather is ideal in Italy this time of year— for sipping aperitivos before the sun sets. However, the price of a direct flight there is not. But, fret not, it’s easy to bring the taste of an authentic Italian summer to you with the help of the classic Aperol Spritz. It’s a coral-colored delight filled with a few simple staples such as Prosecco, Aperol, a splash of soda water and an orange slice. The slightly bitter-sweet and overwhelmingly refreshing drink is the perfect companion for bocce, a popular Italian diversion adopted by Miamians with gusto. Check out the traditional bocce court at Bocce in Midtown, where the Aperol Spritz is served like candy or try making it at home (3 parts Prosecco; 2 parts Aperol; 1 dash soda; ice and a slice of orange). 

Where to find it: Bocce Ristorante, 3252 NE 1st Ave., #107, Miami.