Gabriel & Dresden

Progressive house and trance duo Gabriel & Dresden gave us countless great dance-floor moments before splitting up in 2008, with pop-music remixes from the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Jewel, Duncan Sheik, Evanescence, Dido and even Britney Spears, plus their alter ego Motorcycle’s hit “As the Rush Comes.” And now they’re back together and psyched to make beautiful music together again. Dave Dresden and Josh Gabriel talked to about their hiatus, and their shows at Winter Music Conference (Saturday at the Shelborne and March 24 at the Ice Palace).
Are you excited to be coming back to Miami?
DD: We love Miami. A lot of great things have happened in Miami for us. That’s kind of where we met, in 2001. And 10 years later …
How many WMCs have you guys attended?
JG: My first Conference was in ’95.
DD: And my first Conference was in, you know what, I think it was in ’95 as well.
What can we expect from your show March 12 at Shine at the Shelborne?
JG: We have a new remix, “Promises” by New Ending, that we’ve been working on, our first remix since we’ve been working together again, and it should be done by then.
Why did you guys split up?
JG: You know, as artists, collboration only works when you have something holding you together creatively, and at the time, we’d been together long enough, and I think it was time that we explored ourselves deeper, and we did that. And neither of us tried to reclaim what we had – we went in different directions and did our time finding ourselves, and nnow we find ourselves back where we were, wanting to make music again.
DD: It gets to a point when you’re working so closely with somebody every day for six years, you kind of need that break, I think.
Did anything specific inspire you guys to reunite?
JG: I think both of us gained an appreciation for the musical legacy that we left behind. People have continued to contact us and ask us about shows, and you realize there’s good out there in the world, and if we start making music again, it’s a good thing for both of us.
What do you think of the split between WMC and Ultra?
DD: I think it’s utterly ridiculous. It absolutely is the wrong time to do that thing – for better or worse, the two existing together has worked for many years now. It was a proven formula that the industry lived on for years. And so, I hope that it doesn’t have repercussions for our industry.
What was your first really big break as a duo?
DD: Making those big records and putting them on an Essential mix.
JG: And in some ways, doing our first remix for Pete Tong.
DD: And having him play it on the radio the week after we made it – that was a pretty incredible feeling.


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