Funk Rosé

Dinkinish O'Connor, Justin Harris with Billecart-Salmon Mareuil-sur-Ay Brut Rosé, and Rachael Witte. Photo: Rochelle Berman

When most of us think of pink wine, we think of White Zinfandel magnum bottles sweating in neighborhood bodegas. But rosés run deep.

An ex-boyfriend (not pictured) gave me a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Mareuil-sur-Ay Brut Rosé to celebrate his cancelled wedding (to a 20-year-old). It was as fresh as these models I tried to pose with. The aroma is reminiscent of the detestable fromages funk that makes many French cheeses so intriguing.

Epoisses, Fougerus and morbier are among my favorites, and you can find them at The Cheese Course in Midtown. There are reserved, red fruit flavors like strawberries and red cherries and after about 45 minutes, the wine smelled like Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction (I’m not exaggerating).

This wine beckons for fancy French fare – pâté, charcuterie, cornichons, olives, and French baguettes. Try Caribbean water crackers if you’re scared of the bread. They are cheaper than the fancy ones and taste almost as good.

Breaking up doesn’t always taste as good, but funk it. It’s his break-up, not mine, and I’m pretty sure if he buys her a bottle of this rosé, the wedding will be on again (Maybe not, LOL).

Billecart-Salmon Mareuil-sur-Ay Brut Rosé is approximately $80 for a bottle at:
Wine & Spirits Emporium, 10730 NW 74th St., Doral, 305-477-8630.
Total Wine & More, 14750 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, 305-354-3270.
Wine Depot & Bistro 555, 555 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach, 305-672-6161.


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