Enter the House of Jigsaw

Do you want to play a game? If you dare step in to the House of Jigsaw prepare for a bone-chilling experience as Mansion transforms in to a frightening scene in honor of the SAW VI movie release. The Opium Group has spared no expense in making your Halloween adventure a true nightmare. Master special effects creator Sean Fountain set the mood with syringes hanging from the ceiling, dangling eyeballs, chains, the horrific pig-face mask, hooks, and 3D Jigsaw Mask over the DJ booth. The bloody décor will send chills up your spine as you step through inflatable bones, red and white bloodied fabric and snippets of Saw VI playing all through the night on the screens giving you the complete Jigsaw experience.

WE ROCK HIP HOP takes it to another level this Halloween; face your fears as you dance to music by world famous DJ Irie alongside DJ 360 and see a live performance by Fat Joe presented by Don Cardona Tequila with Miami’s finest at your side and bottle’s are poppin’ all around. It’s going to be a packed house as this upscale hip-hop party celebrates one of the creepiest movies ever made.  It’s Halloween Eve and all the freaks are going to be out, don’t get caught off guard in the madness head to Mansion for a petrifying experience like no other.  Advance tickets are available at WantTickets.com to avoid the line at the door.  Don’t be alarmed as you enter the horrid House of Jigsaw, remember it’s only a game.


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