EDM on the high seas with Cedric Gervais

If you do not know Cedric Gervais yet, you will soon. The French DJ won a Grammy earlier this year for remixing Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” And, the Miami Beach resident recently finished a track with Miley Cyrus (No, it’s not twerkable). We caught up with Gervais on Groove Cruise X, an annual house music cruise.

At what point did you know you were on to something big with “Summertime Sadness?”
“When I did the record, I just did the record for my DJ friend to play and for me to play on the dance floor. I never expected the record to did what it did worldwide. You know, a year later, selling five million singles worldwide, and being on the radio, and charted everywhere. And then, standing on the Grammy stage…as a DJ/producer, you don’t do records or remixes thinking you’re going to end up on the Grammy’s. It was a total surprise and, you know, it’s amazing.

Since you won the Grammy, what has been your biggest takeaway so far?
It’s just everybody congratulating me…I’m still processing it. My own town in Marseille [France], I just got printed in the biggest paper in Marseille, Le Provence, front page taking about actually winning the Grammy, it’s still processing the whole thing.

Talk about the track with Miley Cyrus. How did that come about?
It’s going to be collaboration. She reached out to me personally; she called me and asked me to work with her prior to the Grammy’s. On the single, she did “Adore You” and wanted to give a new life to the single. It’s going to be a Miley Cyrus versus Cedric Gervais. The record is done, she loves it. And, we’re about to release it. So, we’ll see what’s going to happen.

With all this newfound success, how do you plan to stay levelheaded?
“The challenge is to pick the right project. After a big record like this, you can’t make mistakes; you can’t, you know, take everybody. I’m getting a lot of remix requests from so many big artists and stuff. To me, if the song is not right, I’m not gonna do it…the song has to be transcendent to my world. That’s why when Miley Cyrus approached me; I had no idea what song it was…not because it was Miley Cyrus I was going to say no, but the song was right for the thing.”

You performed on The Groove Cruise before. What’s different this time around?
“I did the Groove Cruise, I think, seven years ago. And, it was probably 200 people on it. It was very weird because it was like normal families walking around and then you had a crew of 300 crazy people on house music. So, I did it at that time, and then, seven years later, I do it and it’s 4,000 people on the boat partying…being close to the artists for three days on the boat and hanging out with the fans and everything, I think it’s a great idea… when I got booked for this, I thought it was going to be again [like seven years ago]

Excluding nightclubs, what is your favorite hotspot in Miami?
One of my favorite restaurants right now is still Nobu, that’s my favorite spot in Miami.