Eddie Halliwell

Miami better prepare itself for a heat wave as DJ superstar Eddie Halliwell returns to fire it up with his live show at Club Space (34 NE 11th St., Miami) on Friday, March 25. Halliwell is a stalwart on the international circuit – before a track is cued or headphones plugged in, a murmur spreads round the room like a fever. Building into the rapturous roar that is infamous for being heard everywhere he plays – EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!

When is the last time you were in Miami?
Last time I played in Miami was at Ultrafest a few years ago, so I’m really looking forward to getting back over there.

What was the most memorable moment of your DJ career?
Probably DJ-ing to 1.5 million people on a beach in Rio De Janeiro on New Years Eve. Seeing that many people in one place was amazing!

How does one go from a regular DJ to a world class DJ? What was your big break?
There has been many big breaks along the way for me – from getting residencies at major clubs/big name brands at an early stage, to my first ever Mixmag cover CD and my Radio 1 show. All these things combined have helped me progress.

How did you get started?
I taught myself to mix at the age of 15. I was a bedroom DJ for years, I think I did a course in Music Technology at college. When I felt I had something unique to offer I put myself out there and got snapped up by Gatecrasher and Goodgreef pretty quickly.

What are your thoughts about electronic music hitting the mainstream?
I think it’s a good thing. For me it’s showing its growth within the music industry and it’s exposing the music we like to more people.

Catch Eddie on the web at www.eddiehalliwell.com or facebook.com/eddiehalliwell

Eddie Halliwell dropping give it life on his Radio Show by filipeboiler


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