Drink like an Irish whiskey master this St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year, which means rampant partying could kick off as soon as tomorrow, flow straight through the weekend, and barrel into a very manic start to the week.

To celebrate the spirit of the patron saint and your kinship with the Irish in a more sophisticated way, Miami-based whisk(e)y ambassadors say using the correct nickname for the holiday is the first step.

St. Paddy’s Day. Because Patty is a woman’s name and, while we love and revere women, this is not Patty’s holiday.

Easy enough. Next, experts Gerard Graham and Todd Richman, who spend their days and nights spreading the whisky and Irish whiskey gospels, recommend eliminating rapid fire shots from your repertoire. For sipping or mixing like a discerning adult, try Bushmills and consider its 400 years of heritage as Ireland’s oldest working distillery.

Then, think of a shamrock when you plan your party – at home or at a venue you know will have clean glassware – and take a three-pronged approach to imbibing:

To honor tradition

Sip Bushmills Black Bush neat. It’s a special blend with a silky texture, rich fruits and a nutty taste. Always take two sips of any spirit when you’re trying it for the first time. Graham and Richman say the first sip is to prime the palate and the second is when all of those imaginative adjectives can begin rolling off your tongue. Go slowly and talk about it. This is the fun part that you’re more likely to remember the next day.

To honor Miami

Mix up an Arnold Palmer of sorts to counterbalance Miami’s warm tropical climate with Bushmills Irish Honey (1.5 oz.), ice, and equal parts iced tea and lemonade. The flavored whiskey is the newest to the Bushmills family and brings a slightly sweet tingle from real Irish honey as well as a spicy finish.

To stay awake

A great Irish Coffee requires three things: Irish whiskey (naturally), good/hot coffee and cold, cold, cold heavy cream, slightly whipped. Leave this one to the experts and visit Irishman Gerry Lyons, formerly of John Martin’s, at Smith & Wollenksy’s bar (1 Washington Ave.) in South Beach for an elevated end to your age-appropriate St. Paddy’s Day.