Drink Ilegal Mezcal cocktails at Mansion Nightclub with bartender Virginia King

In an unexpected coup, Miami Beach mega club Mansion welcomes Ilegal Mezcal’s “Ilegal Social Club” Wednesday, Oct. 22 to the mezzanine.

Superstar local bartender Virginia King (The Broken Shaker, Rec Room) will share her expertise with brand ambassador Gilbert Marquez as they collaborate on cocktails reminiscent of Café No Sé in Antigua, the clandestine Guatemalan bar where this particular mezcal was introduced to the world (illegally, hence the name).

King traveled to Café No Sé, what’s known as the first mezcal bar outside of Mexico, this summer to see how it has evolved since Ilegal’s owner began “smuggling” bottles from Oaxaca to his tiny booze haven/live music venue in Guatemala’s central highlands a decade ago.

Ilegal, now very legal, is considered an Espadin agave-forward mezcal with a smidgen of smoke, which makes it accessible and slightly more appealing to experimental drinkers just getting into the mezcal game.

The one night only event in South Beach, from 10 p.m. – 12:30 a.m., features a live band and six original Ilegal cocktail recipes:

Virginia’s Cocktails:

“Presents for my Friends & Books for the Children”
Ilegal Joven (un-aged mezcal), fresh lime and mamey, jasmine, and Velvet Falernum (complex rum-based liqueur with  lime, almond, vanilla, ginger, and clove)

“Border Town”
Ilegal Joven, dried mushroom-infused sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters, scotch rinse

“Tres Rabbits”
Ilegal Joven, red curry, fresh lime and coconut milk

Gilbert’s Cocktails:

“Y Tu Piña También” (aptly named after a coffeehouse in Antigua)
Ilegal Joven, fresh pineapple, tamarind, Cherry Herring, orange juice, and Ancho Reyes liqueur (chili liqueur made from dried and smoked poblanos)

“El Chiky”
Ilegal Joven, fresh mango, nopal, lime, serrano pepper, chicharon dusted rim

“No Sé”
Ilegal Joven, house-made plantain syrup, fresh lime, Becherovka (herbal Czech liqueur)