DJ Tommy Trash plays Story in Miami Beach for’s 5-year Anniversary bash

Ready to go clubbing, hit the dance floor and let loose like there’s no tomorrow? You can’t do better than Aussie party DJ Tommy Trash, who blows up at Story Miami on Friday night during’s 5-year Anniversary Party. (Click here to RSVP for one hour of Bacardi cocktails).

The long-locked wild man will step behind the decks to deliver huge electro and progressive house beats, most notably his 2011 hit “The End,” which immediately was scooped up by superstar DJs including Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack and the Swedish House Mafia for their playlists.

Trash, aka Thomas Olsen, talked to about how excited he is to get out of the studio, his plans for Winter Music Conference, and, of course, his hair.

What can we expect from your set?
Well, I’ve been on a bit of a break at the moment doing studio stuff, so Miami will be my first gig in about six weeks or so. So it’s gonna be basically all my new stuff for 2013, so I’m really excited about it – it’s gonna be the best time testing out about 10 new tunes.

When you spin, do you have a specific mission in mind, or do you just kind of wing it?
[Laughs] I think I wing it. I just kind of get out there and have fun and get the whole club to have fun and just party, you know? And hopefully it works out.

Are you as wild as your onstage persona would suggest?
Depends what month you catch me on [laughs]. If it’s a party month, maybe so, but with this past month, it’s been very low-key and work-oriented.

So look out in March, right?
I think it’s gonna be quite wild, because I’ve got a lot of energy to get rid of right now.

What inspired your stage name?
It’s a long story, but basically in a nutshell, I used to be in a group called Trashthetic, and then I started doing some electro stuff on my own and got interest from the labels, and they said what’s your name? And so I was like, uhhhh, “Tommy Trash!” OK done. So it was a very spur-of-the-moment decision.

Why do you think your hair gets so much attention?
I have no idea. I grew my hair because I was basically too poor to get a haircut [laughs]. So it kind of stuck, and now I’m under strict orders from management to not get a haircut. I’m stuck. And the upkeep is horrible, by the way. Guys don’t realize how much it takes for it to not turn into dreadlocks.

Can you point to one specific thing as your “big break”?
I think it was a bunch of things that happened at one point in time, and it was definitely when Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Laidback Luke and Chuckie and a bunch of those guys started playing one of my songs called “The End.” And in that two to three months, I just noticed a massive change in everything, really. Like, suddenly people are starting to write back to my e-mails, suddenly people are following me on Twitter [laughs]. I knew something was going on when Tiesto started following me on Twitter, and I was like “Wh-what?!!?”

Are we going to see you at WMC?
Yeah, I’m doing Ultra both weekends, and I’m playing a bunch of other parties – I’m not sure I can talk about them just yet because we’re just firming up all the offers. But there’s definitely gonna be lots of Miami action.

How many times have you attended?
This will be my second time only. My first time was last year.

What do you think of Miami?
I love it! It’s a crazy party town, but Miami can be whatever you want to make of it. Like, you can have a really chilled-out relaxing time if you want, or you can just go completely wild and become completely indulgent and basically lose a whole week of your life [laughs]. And not remember a thing! But yeah, I love Miami, and I’m usually there every couple of months, playing for the LIV guys or Amnesia. But now it’s called Story, and it’ll be my first time, so I’m f—— pumped for it. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things from every DJ that’s played there.