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Bahamian DJ Todd Stylez doesn’t hesitate to proclaim his admiration for DJ Jazzy Jeff, a love for his home country and a fascination with this eclectic city. We recently caught up with the DJ import to discuss his Miami success.

What is the biggest difference between spinning in the Bahamas and working in Miami?
Miami is definitely one of a kind. It’s by far one of the best party spots in America and that’s mostly attributed to all of the international influences present here. You see it in many aspects of the local culture but most importantly in the people. Miami crowds thrive on diversity especially in their music. [Here] you can play house, reggae, hip-hop, and so much more. The Bahamas is one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations so growing up in Nassau I was exposed to local music, Caribbean music and international sounds.

With a DJ name like Todd Stylez, how exactly would you describe your style and goals as a DJ?
My style has been influenced by so many factors and so many people. I’m an open format DJ but I pull from a lot of different factions to compile my sets. Here in South Florida the crowds are very diverse so it gives me more opportunities to be creative. I started off as a battle DJ and eventually transitioned into the radio and nightclubs, so I incorporate some of those technical elements when I spin. I’m a big fan of DJ Jazzy Jeff. He incorporates a lot of technical elements into his sets while still keeping a good groove. I appreciate all types of music but I’m a house fanatic. There’s no other city better than Miami to hear a great house set.

Right now I’m positioning myself in a few ways. I’m taking baby steps into artist management, and I’m running full speed into music production. Ever since I started spinning I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys who play as well as create their own music. That’s my next big thing.

What makes a night with you on deck special?
Versatility and a great selection- there’s something for everyone in my sets. I’m all about bringing the excitement to any event I spin. Whenever I spin I always try to interact with my crowd and show them I’m having just as good of a time that they are. The energy from the crowd keeps me going. I like to play a lot of old school music from the 80’s and 90’s era which takes them back. There’s no better feeling than going back and remembering how a song once made you feel.

You have played all over town at some of the hottest venues. Tell us, what is one of your most memorable nightlife moments?
Spinning for LeBron James and Katy Perry at AURA Nightclub at the Atlantis Resort. I was the special guest that night, and a friend of mine came to me in the booth and said that both Katy and Lebron were in the club rocking out to my music.  I looked over to the VIP area and there they were both having a great time.

What is the hottest song of the Miami summer?
There are a few tight cuts that are blazing things up this summer, one of them is “Bulletproof” by LA Roux. This track has been out for a while but recently started getting a lot of airplay, so it’s a must spin in the clubs right now. Usher is also doing pretty well right now, OMG is still a monster in the club and Falling in Love Again is picking up fast.

Check out DJ Todd Stylez’ website at for his schedule.

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