To say that DJ M.O.S.’ musical sets are diverse is an extreme understatement. The New York spin doctor mixes everything from rock, soul, funk, electro, disco, house, R&B and hip-hop – and he does it so well that he’s been tapped for events by none other than Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian, the U.S. Open and the Sundance and Tribeca film festivals, plus various megaclubs all around the world, including a residency at Miami Beach’s superhot LIV. Suffice it to say that his New Year’s Eve party at the Gansevoort in Miami Beach is the place for party people to be. M.O.S. talked to about the show, how he managed to land such a wide variety of gigs, and his love of Miami.
Q: What can we expect from your New Year’s Eve party in Miami?

A: A lot of energy! I’ve done New Year’s in Miami for the past six years and it’s always the best party of the year to me.
Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: I’d describe it as intense. I like bring the crowd up to a climax and keep them there as long as possible.
Q: Do you plan your sets in advance, or mainly wing it?

A: I mostly go with the flow. There are a few mixes or tricks that I may pull out, but 95 percent of it is on the fly.
Q: You spun at Kim Kardashian’s Halloween party in NYC – what was that night like?
A: The party was pretty incredible. I was surprised so many people came out in a snowstorm. New Yorkers are G’s when comes to going out.
Q: Got any good stories about that night?
A: There was a blizzard in NYC that night and my wife (DJ Kiss), who was originally supposed to DJ the party, was stuck on a runway in Connecticut for eight hours. I was flying in from Canada and literally landed in NYC an hour before the event and had to rush over. I barely made it – then after Kim’s event I had to head over to do another Halloween event, which I was definitely late for.
Q: How did you end up DJing for Bill Clinton, and what kind of event was it?
A: It was an event for young entrepreneurs at Russell Simmons’ apartment, which is literally across the street from Ground Zero. Bill Clinton’s foundation was involved, so the president came by and spoke to us. I have to admit, I put on a mix just so I could get a chance to meet him. He was really cool and very easy to talk to. Definitely a great experience.
Q: How did you end up DJing for the U.S. Open, and what kind of event was that?
A: That was great – they set up a tennis court on 22nd and Broadway for an exhibition. My dad is a big fan of tennis, so to get a chance to see John McEnroe, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Williams play each other was incredible.
Q: You have a residency at LIV in Miami Beach – how often are you down here?
A: I’m at LIV about six to eight times a year. It’s probably my favorite place to play in the U.S.
Q: You spin at clubs all over the world – how does Miami rank as a party city?
A: Miami is the ultimate party city. The weather, atmosphere and people are just over the top. St. Tropez is a close second.


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