DJ Joe Dert

Former drummer for metal band Endo, DJ Joe Dert came across our radar because of his experience performing with the like of DJ AM and Ozzy Osbourne coupled with his ability to keep partygoers on their feet until sunrise. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his intricate style and how he keeps things hot on the beach.
How did you get your DJ name?
While working on Endo’s third album, I had picked up a job deejaying at Automatic Slims to keep me working in the music industry during our writing/creative process.  My name was just DJ Joe until one night the GM came in and called me DJ Joe Dert. I thought it was pretty catchy so it just stuck and deejaying became more and more of a clear career path for me as all of the pieces fell together.

What do people in Miami want from a good DJ?
Growing up in Miami has helped me to learn that there are no rules when playing for Miami.  The nightlife is such a melting pot of cultures, musical tastes and even ages, you cannot get away with playing one genre of music, guests want to hear a little of everything.  I’ve perfected the art of blending all of these sounds together, but in a way that makes people want to dance and really remember the music they are experiencing when out for the night.  I think at the end of the day, people just want to hear a DJ that they can dance to, where the music is consistently good and there is no reason for them to sit down.

What makes your sets different from all the others on South Beach?
My sets are different because I focus on two things when I get on stage- reading my audience and bringing something fresh to the table that fits their choice in music.
People can expect my signature mash-ups, blending everything from rock to funk to old-school pop to house/electro, with surprises everywhere.  Which I guess means that they should not have any expectations other than that they will hear dance-worthy music whenever I’m spinning.

Your sets are notorious for being high energy. What do you do to keep people on their feet until 5 a.m.?
I credit my time in Endo with being able to “perform” every time I am at the turntables.  Other than treating every time I DJ like a live performance, I never make a play list so I can make decisions on song choice as I go.  I feed off of the energy that comes from the dance floor, which in turn keeps me going through the night… it comes full circle.  My job isn’t done well unless people are dancing until 5 am.  I would say I have a 99.9 percent success rate with that!

Tell me more about how you combine drumming and spinning as part of the “The Joe Dert Affect”.
I’ve managed to combine two of my passions into one show… that’s every musician’s dream. The idea was in my head way before we actually did it, it just didn’t come to fruition until I became close with DJ Affect who also both deejays and plays the drums. People are in awe at first then they go nuts because it takes the energy level to a new high, it’s pretty intense.
You’ve got residencies at some of Miami’s most coveted spots including Nikki Beach and the Gansevoort. How did those come about and what can people expect from your different sets around town?
They came about by word-of-mouth and people that have seen me perform at all of South Beach’s premier nightclubs and lounges including Set, Rokbar, Snatch & Suite, Wall at the W Hotel, Nikki Beach and club LIV at The Fontainebleau Hotel.  I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of return business where [the clients] know that it will not be the same play list but they will have the same great experience.

Visit DJ Joe Dert’s MySpace page at Catch him live every week at Plunge at the Gansevoort South every Saturday (2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-604-1000) or at Nikki Beach’s “Pearl Sundays” every Sunday night (1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach; 305-538-1111).


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