DJ Graham Funke

You can recognize him either by the way he rocks a party, or by his very cool mustache. We recently caught up with S.K.A.M. DJ Graham Funke to talk about his creative DJ team called Captains of Industry, his Super Bowl gigs in Miami, and why he’s thinking of moving here.
Your job regularly takes you all around the country and world. What do you most look forward to when spinning in Miami?
I keep threatening to move to Miami. Out of the many cities I visit, it’s one of the few that I enjoy spending more than a couple days in. And this is a culmination of many things: pleasant weather, the two venues that employ me (LIV and Wall) have set benchmarks for quality across the nightlife industry, and my friends that reside there are among my best. I only come to Miami about once a month, and I always look forward to it.

A DJ dedicated to entertaining his audiences, you will be spinning at the W Hotel South Beach this Super Bowl weekend. Rooting for anyone in particular?
I think Sujit Kundu (owner of S.K.A.M. Artist Management) has me booked from the moment I land until the moment I leave. The W South Beach is …one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been to. Ironically, since I am deejaying Super Bowl events, I didn’t get attached to the game this season at all! I travel multiple days per week so the flight schedules have been more of a concern than game schedules. On the other hand, by following DJ Riz and DJ Homicide on Twitter, anybody can keep track of winners and losers in the NFL.
You’ve named your blog “Mustache Ride”- what’s that about?
Look at a photo of me, then Google the term “mustache ride.” Do the math yourself.

Can you tell us more about your theory of the “deteriorating condition of the DJ”?
This topic deserves a tome, not three sentences. There are a lot of factors involved. I will just use this analogy, interpret how you like: It’s as if everybody went out and bought operating room scrubs and a scalpel, then called themselves a surgeon. More mindboggling, people come to them for plastic surgery anyway.

Tell us more about what prompted you to create the “Captains of Industry” DJ duo with StoneRokk?
I am not the first person, nor the first DJ to say this, but Stonerokk is the most creative DJ in the game. I do not feel this way just because we share a house in Las Vegas; I say this based upon watching him night after night and discussing his unique approach with other notable DJs in the industry. He is a popular topic, as he is talented and outspoken, and passionate about what he does. An alignment with him was necessary. I have been working with him since the day we met.

You’ve gotten shout outs from countless celebrities including Will Ferrell, Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman- many of us don’t know that you are an actor as well. What is your role in connecting Hollywood and music?

I had a successful run as a commercial actor, even with the rigorous DJ schedule. The fact that I get scrutinized nightly, and by tens of thousands of people, translates into a confidence on camera. It’s all performance, whether playing records or spitting lines. I love to do both.

What’s in store for the future?

I have two words for you: MAS TRABAJO (MORE WORK). Myself and Stonerokk — The Captains of Industry — have again partnered with OK! Magazine for a mix CD tour, and we are going to bring music and mayhem to every city we can.

Catch DJ Graham Funke on Friday, Feb. 5 and Saturday Feb. 6 at the W South Beach Hotel,  2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach; (305) 938-3000. Visit his SKAM artist page at and the Captains of Industry website at


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