DJ Eric Prydz chats about Identity Festival at Bayfront Park on Saturday, Aug. 4

Eric Prydz

Good news for electronic-music lovers who were crushed when last year’s Miami leg of the inaugural Identity Festival was washed out by Hurricane Irene: The traveling dance-music extravaganza is back, and South Florida skies look clear and sunny.
This year’s lineup – which stops at Bayfront Park in Miami at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 4 – features some of the best DJs and artists on the planet, including Swedish electro and tech-house DJ Eric Prydz, Grammy-nominated electro-house DJ Wolfgang Gartner, “complextro” pioneer Porter Robinson, dance diva Eva Simons, Canadian dubstep producer Excision, Russian trance DJ Arty and dozens more.

Prydz talked to about the tour.
How’s the tour going so far?
Really good, thanks – the crowds have been really responsive to what and how I play. I think what I do is a little different from what they are used to, so the reaction has really pleased me.
What are some of the highlights for you so far?
It’s all been a bit of adventure, actually, which I have really enjoyed. Having the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” after I finished in Cincinnati was really memorable. Thanks for that, guys.
What can fans expect from the show?
They can expect me doing my thing – something a little different from the other artists on the tour. I guess that’s why I am here.
How long do you get to perform?
I only get around an hour and 20 minutes, which is a little shorter than I’m used to, but I make the most of it. All the Twitter comments I have received after my sets have been positive. 
Do you plan your sets differently for an outdoor show like this than you do for an indoor set at a club?
Yes, these short festival sets need to be more impactful, as you have very limited time to build a set.  Club shows are my first love, because this is where I can plan and build a set, taking the crowd on my journey, which is always a thrill for me.
Does this feel at all like a mini traveling Winter Music Conference?
No, not really – WMC is quite unique as it has multiple parties with massively varied genres, which is different from this tour. The Identity tour is a very unique experience for me, as it is the first time I have played on a touring festival.
What inspired you to become a DJ?
I just love electronic music and have always wanted it to be part of my life. Producing and DJing go hand in hand. To make a track and then play it out and then to see the reaction immediately is an amazing feeling.
How often do you get to Miami, and what do you think of the city?
Not often enough – love it!
Will we see you again at next year’s WMC?
Hopefully, yes!    


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