DJ Doorly

DJ Doorly

When it comes to nightlife in Miami, everyone’s always talking about the superstar house DJs at Mansion, LIV and Space. But Saturday night at Grand Central (697 N. Miami Ave.) brings something special for fans of true underground electronic dance music, with New York drum-‘n’-bass and dubstep producer Kill the Noise and eclectic U.K. DJ Doorly tearing up the stage with their squelching synths and wobbly bass. Doorly – who’s taking a month-long break from his summer residency in Ibiza for a quick U.S. tour – is known for his turntable mixing skills, being able to handle four at once. He talked to about the show and the difference between the Magic City and Ibiza.
What can we expect from your show?
I’ve never really played in Miami outside the Winter Music Conference, so I’m looking forward to coming and playing at Grand Central – and I’ve heard really good things about Kill the Noise. So I’m gonna mix it up a bit and play it by ear and see what happens.
Will we hear your new singles with Beardy Man and Soraya Vivian?
Yeah, I’ve got a couple of new discs to play and loads of new music I’ve been working on that’s coming out this summer.
They’re pretty different, kind of wicked dubstep vs. pop/house, so it seems like your style is impossible to classify in just a few words. How would you describe it?
Well, just like I describe my record label, Pigeonhole This! – it’s just a genre-less thing. I’ve never really been able to stick to one genre as a DJ – I get bored. There’s always a bit of bass running through it, but having said that, I kind of quite like making deep house music as well, so I like to be able to play to any crowd, and with any DJ. So if the crowd’s really thrilled, I’ll play whatever.
How difficult is it to rock four turntables at the same time?
Well, I’ve been DJing for about 12 years, so I kind of got bored with two, so I usually play with three. If I can’t have four, I bring a couple of samplers with me. I think at my set in Miami I’m gonna use three with two samplers, so I can play a bit more live, because I’m playing early before Kill the Noise. I can have a bit more fun with it and play more experimental.
Does it ever get confusing having all that going on at once?
Not really – I’ve got quite a system with it, and as long as everything’s set up in the right order, I can do it with my eyes closed. When it gets confusing is when something’s broken on the mixer or hooked up to the wrong channel or something like that. But I always come down an hour early and make sure everything’s set up.
How are things in Ibiza?
It’s been quiet over the past couple of years because of the economy, but this year has been incredible – the weather’s been really good and the clubs are really busy and we’ve had some great shows. It’s been great and everyone’s really ready for this summer.
Does Ibiza compare to Miami at all for you?
Yeah, totally. Miami with the Winter Music Conference is basically Ibiza for four days. At WMC, there’s probably more going on at night, but Ibiza does the exact same thing for four months.
Is Doorly your real name?
Yes it is – it’s my surname. I’m Martin Doorly, and there’s no interesting story behind it, unfortunately. I have a competition for people to come up with interesting stories about it.




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