Paola Fernández and Ana María Arana pose at Dek23. Foto: Manny Hernández

It’s a bar like few others on the beach, opening for partiers after 11 p.m. and visited by men and women who dress and style themselves as meticulously as possible. The nightlife of La Playa – vibrantly displayed on the streets of Miami Beach – has as many faces as it has scenarios; people that go from place to place, those who could spend the night in an informal bar, those who get themselves in a more serious one, or those who prefer the battle to get inside a trendy spot. Dek 23 challenges the most glamorous of the bunch to try to get inside its luxurious interior.

The club has characteristics, which cater to what some crowds look for in Miami; a desire to spend Fridays and Saturdays impeccably dressed in exotic and elegant fashions and to start their nights late, not before 11. It also boasts a modern bar where all kinds of characters hang out, where meticulously styled men and women who did not forget a single detail to their getup eye each other.

Step inside Dek23 and you’ll notice that everything is precisely in its place. It’s dark enviroment -complete with only small lamps that cast a pale and yellowish light upon entranced revelers and hues of deep purple- create a seductive and enticing atmosphere, which makes for a décor that’s rarely seen in a Miami Beach nightclub.  The music is ever changing, with house, lounge and especially rock, coming from an impeccably faithful sound system. As the night goes on, the once ample and empty spaces transforms into narrow corners where people have no other choice but to rub elbows with each other.

It’s all part of the going out to party experience that’s usually heating up by 1 a.m. The atmosphere is different because no one seems to remain still, showcasing their most elegant and exotic qualities as they mingle and sip on cocktails. And no one has to be, because in Dek23 the nights don’t stop; au contraire, they become a separate world, very different and special to what is lived on the streets of Miami Beach. Come on in…if you dare.

Dek23, 665 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. (305) 674-1176.
Open only on the weekends from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
Cover: $20.
Dress code: Supermodel sexy


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