David Guetta

It doesn’t get any hotter than David Guetta for DJ/producer types. The Grammy-winning Frenchman is the It Guy for pop stars to seek out – just ask Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland (“When Love Takes Over”), Akon (“Sexy Bitch”) and the Black Eyed Peas (“I Gotta Feeling”). You can hear these monster hits and more Saturday night at Mansion in South Beach as the Ibiza party favorite spins tunes from his latest album “One Love,” plus a bunch of new tracks. Guetta talked to Miami.com about the show.
You’re one of the most in-demand dance producers in the world. How do you think that all started?
It’s a long, natural process, you know? I started as a DJ, and then I started to incorporate my own sounds, and then I started to remix, and then I started to make my own beats. But the thing is, I always make tracks that I mix into my DJ sets without thinking of me as a producer that would produce other artists. And then one day, will.i.am called me and asked me to produce a record for the Black Eyed Peas, and it was a not-bad start with “I Gotta Feeling,” you know? [laughs] So now I’m a producer, but it came almost by accident.
When you come up with a tune like “I Gotta Feeling” or “When Love Takes Over” do you know right away it’s gonna be a huge hit?
Well, usually when I get goose bumps in the studio, it’s gonna be a hit. But you never can know how big it’s gonna be; honestly, I never thought “I Gotta Feeling” would become that big. That’s impossible to know, you know? But what is different for me as a DJ – I can really test the records, so I know in advance the reaction I’m getting from the crowd. Most of the producers are working in the studio, and they send them to the radio and they don’t know what’s gonna happen. Whereas before I record the song, already I’ve been playing the instrumental until I’m getting this crazy reaction. And then I’m recording the song and changing the mix and editing it, and then I give it to my record label.
Do you ever turn down a request for someone to work with you?
Well, I have to, because of demand. Unfortunately I cannot work with everyone, because I just don’t have the time physically.
What tips the scales for you?
I’m normal, I’m just a fan of some people, so obviously when those people are calling me, I just work with people I love. So for me it’s an honor and a blessing that they pick my music. I love to be in the studio with talented people – that makes me really excited. So there’s no rule about being a really big artist or a new name – it’s really depending on the vibe that I have with the person.
What can we expect from your show at Mansion?
I’m really excited, because this is a F*ck Me I’m Famous party, so I’m bringing all my team from Ibiza, all the dancers and performers, so it’s gonna be awesome. I’m also going to have all this new music that I’ve produced, and a brand new single with Rihanna called “Who’s That Chick?” and I’m excited to see the reaction.


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