Danny Masterson

Photo by Manny Hernandez

Winter Music Conference takes place this week, but a celeb DJ has already stepped behind the turntables at a recent Sunglass Hut fashion party on Lincoln Road.
Danny Masterson – he played the sarcastic but lovable Hyde on the former Fox hit That ’70s Show— was working the decks for a party put on by Gen Art and Fresh Faces as the place for shades debuted its new store experience (think Miami boutique chic).
The Long Island, N.Y., native, 32, flew in from Toronto for the event, after spending part of the week at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin to promote his new film, Yes Man with Jim Carrey. We hung out with him behind the tables and had a chance to mix in some questions.

Do you like wearing sunglasses?
“Of course. I got blue eyes, babe. Can’t walk out of the house without sunglasses.”

How often do you visit Miami?
“This is my first trip back in 3½ years. But I used to come down here every summer for two weeks and periodically throughout the year for different events.”

What comes to mind when someone says Miami?
“Miami is just 24 hours of super fun, people having a good time. It’s sweaty, in a good way.”

Do you have any favorites?
“I like going to the different clubs, the really good restaurants and the hotels are really cool. I like the restaurants at the Delano [Blue Door] and the Shore Club [Nobu].”

Have you ever been a DJ at a club in Miami?
“I may have played one event, but I really don’t make it to Miami that much for playing and hanging out.”

How would you describe your DJ style?
“It depends on what’s going on. If people are sort of milling around and chatting, then I will play some old funk stuff. Last night, I played an entire set of hip-hop. At South by Southwest, I did two all-Electro shows.”

You are doing pretty well here. Why don’t you come back and play for the Winter Music Conference?
“DJing and acting both pay pretty good, but I like what I do for a living. DJing I’ve been doing the last 10 years and I love it, but I will leave that up to the big boys.”