Danny Marquez headlines at Miami.com's 4-year anniversary party

Time to celebrate! Miami.com – your online guide to what’s going on in the Magic City from week to week – is turning the ripe old age of 4. And what better way to honor the website’s stellar years of service than with a big blowout? Head to Arkadia at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach on Friday night and raise a toast as you groove to the smooth sounds of DJ Danny Marquez, bringing his house-music beats straight from his residency at Space in Ibiza. We talked to Marquez about his show.
Q: What can we expect from your set?
A: You can expect me to play a broad spectrum of music that will make you really excited, high and happy.  I will have a few surprises as well, but you’ll have to be there to experience it yourself.
Q: What inspired you to become a DJ?

A: When I was a teenager, I started DJing as a hobby. But in the late ’90s after I discovered dance maestros like Daft Punk and Armand Van Helden, I knew that house music was what I wanted to do for living. My passion grew stronger day by day and I was determined to DJ professionally from then.
Q: How would you describe your sound, beyond simply “house music”?
A: I have always been constantly evolving my sound. I started from the deep and soulful side of house music, drawing influence from people like Masters at Work, etc., in the early 2000s. While traveling and DJing across the globe, I opened my mind to the variety of house music. Today I play a more big-room house sound, more hands-in-the-air and bangers.
Q: Has your DJ equipment changed much since you started? What do you use today?
A: Yes, I started DJing with vinyl. I still remember how I used to travel with two big record boxes and got charged for excess baggage back in those days. Then I switched to just CDs, and now I travel with nothing more than two USBs.
Q: How does Ibiza’s nightlife scene compare to Miami’s?
A: I think the only difference is that Ibiza’s scene only blooms in the summer, but in Miami the party happens the entire year. And over the years, Miami has grown bigger and bigger with companies like MMG bringing the clubbing scene to another level, introducing world-class clubs and bringing more international talents for a whole new experience.  Miami definitely is one of the best clubbing spots in the world right now.
Q: What are your plans for Winter Music Conference?
A: Regretfully, I can’t attend WMC because I will be doing my Asia tour during that period. But I would definitely check out talents like Nicky Romero, Madeon and Deniz Koyu if I could be there.

DANNY MARQUEZ SHOWCASE 012 (MAY/JUNE 2011) by dannymarquez


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