As a band, Dangerflow not only commits to making good music, but also to bridging the gap between the local and global. Activists in their own right, they have aligned themselves with the fight against HIV/AIDS in Miami, hosted musicians from the Ivory Coast and Naimibia, and supported local non profits like Alert Health and Youth Expressions. A Craigslist search and local networking is responsible for the unique chemistry and dangerous flow that helps Dangerflow to redefine conventional approaches to making music and living an aware life.
Embracing diversity ranks high on the list of goals for Angel Ocean (wordsmith), Eric Stinnett (vocalist), Kevin Callo (Guitar and Trumpet), Nate Stanford (Bass), Mauricio Estrada (Percussion), and Alex Campos (Drums). Auxiliary Musicians Henry Paz (Tenor Saxophone, Woodwinds), Diego Herrada-Ventura (Trombone) add extra flair to their live shows.  They personify what Miami is  all about and have even graced the JumboTron at the American Airlines Arena on Miami Heat TV. Playing for local crowds gives them inspiration.

“It is an honor to be embraced by crowds that are eager to hear something that is as beautifully diverse as they are.  Miami is an international city and our sound reflects that,” Ocean said.
Their style covers a wide but balanced spectrum of jazz, neo soul, rap, reggae, Afro-Latino and classical – a mix rarely found and influenced specifically by The Roots, Curtis Mayfield, Radiohead and others. They throw all of these different sounds into a blender and end up with a musical fusion of positive feel good music.

Learning about music in the streets and barrios, through jazz programs and even classical training, the group uses hip hop as their foundation when writing new songs. Hits like “Carpe Diem” and “Live Life” drip with hope, confidence and excitement for audiences that eagerly go along for the ride. “We want them to laugh, cry, love, and dance,” Ocean said. “We want to take people to places they have never been and we hope that our live shows make them feel like they are on a journey”.
Visit their website at www.dangerflowmusic.com.


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