Damian Lazarus is ready to Get Lost

One of the biggest highlights of Miami Music Week is sure to be the Crosstown Rebels’ annual Get Lost Miami party Saturday, March 29 at Ice Palace West. The bash is tailor-made for 24-hour party people, as it’s a full day of weird and wild debauchery, led by Rebels owner and ringleader Damian Lazarus.

Lazarus, known as the king of the twisted deep underground house scene, has gathered a virtual who’s-who of top DJ talent, including Sasha, Pete Tong, DJ Harvey, Carl Craig, Tiga, The Martinez Brothers and many more. He dishes on the decadence to come:

What can we expect from Get Lost?
Twenty-four hours of the best music coming out of the electronic underground, a gathering of some the coolest and most musically switched-on ravers in America, an unbeatable sound system, two inside rooms and a garden perfectly created to add to the pleasure, and an absolute abundance of fun.

Do you have a specific musical mission when performing live?
To steer minds away from mediocrity and present a story of mind-bending proportions.

What do you want the crowd to get out of your set?
Pleasure, experience, love.

You’re also performing at Ultra – have you played there before?
A few times now. I’ve seen the audience grow at our underground area and for my set dramatically over the last few years, and am really excited to come back again this year.

Do you feel that Ultra has pretty much taken over WMC?
It’s certainly close to doing so, but there are still many underground parties that make the week well worth being around for.

Will you tailor your sets differently to fit each event, Ultra vs. Get Lost?
I try not to alter my sound at all for any show, but realistically I may feel like going in a little deeper and perhaps weirder at Get Lost.

What spurred you to move from London to L.A., and when was it?
I moved to L.A. over five years ago following a need for heat.

How do you like living in the States now?
I still have a place there, but I’m traveling so much these days that it’s hard to make anywhere feel like home. I think I’d like a farm next, somewhere to get my hands dirty and be more at one with my natural surroundings.

You’re known for pushing boundaries and mixing oddities into your music – do you feel like a bit of a mad scientist when you perform?
I just do what comes naturally, but I’m happy with being known as a mad scientist.

What’s the most wonderfully absurd song you’ve used in your mixes?
Oh, too many to mention. It’s what happens when you start playing them backwards, slowed down 100 bpm that the fun really starts.

Describe a perfect day in the life of Damian Lazarus.
It’s hot, I’m in the woods, there’s a girl, a dog, and James Brown and Pavarotti are performing “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” nearby as Rafael Osterling cooks, just close to the antiques flea market, which is situated in a treehouse.