Dada Life brought high-energy show to Miami

Dada Life is Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom

Swedish DJ duo Dada Life – consisting of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom – took over Story for a special Fourth of July set Friday night. An Ultra Music Festival favorite, the tandem is famous (and beloved) for its crazy antics, which frequently involve bananas, champagne and pillow fights, which sounds like a can’t-miss night of fun and debauchery. Oh, and the music is great, too – you’ll shake your groove thing to electro-house anthems including “Rolling Stone T-Shirt” and “Unleash the F—ing Dada.”

Dada Life talked to about the show, the Rules of Dada, and the reason behind their fondness for bananas.

You guys are as well-known for your wild antics as your music – where does all the craziness come from?

We like to have fun, and we know the Citizens of Dada Land like to as well, but we don’t think we’re crazy. It’s the others that are! 

What do you have planned for your July 4 show at Story Miami?

Apply for a visa to Dada Land and you’ll see for yourself. But remember one of the Rules of Dada: Arrive Beautiful, Leave Ugly.

Will we hear any new music?

Yep! We just put out a teaser of our new single called “One Smile,” which is out July 15.

Do you typically play mostly Dada Life material during your sets?

Absolutely – it’s mostly our own tracks, or our edits of other songs. 

What’s the most fun you’ve had at one of your gigs, and why?

Well, we did break a Guinness World Record for the largest pillow fight ever at a show last Halloween, so that’s got to be one of the most fun nights. 

What’s with all the bananas?

They are PERFECT for a nightclub. They have their own protective shells, so they can’t get dirty in a club, plus they are tasty.

Do you have a specific musical mission?

To always go forward – don’t look back in the past.

Do you guys party as hard as your song titles would suggest?

Come do The Dada with us and you’ll see for yourself.

Who or what most inspired your artistic style?

Little Richard, for sure.

How was your experience at this year’s Miami Music Week in March?

It was great – we played a special event called Remembrance Festival that was, in part, in memory of our friend Paul Baumer from Bingo Players, who passed away last December, and was a fundraising event for various cancer charities. It was a really great event. 

You’ve traveled the world – what do you think of Miami?

It’s a beautiful city, and the food is incredible.