Class up your party with a DIY Champagne Tower

If you’ve ever been hit with the overwhelming desire to drink champagne from a sparkling tower of crystal coupes like a true glamazon boss (and don’t pretend you haven’t), you’re in luck. The bubbly experts at Tattinger have condensed the daunting process into just a few simple and surprisingly easy steps that will have you impressing your guests in no time.

1. First things first, place a large tray over a tablecloth to catch any over flow from the dazzling waterful of bubbly you are about to create. 

2. Create a solid base of glasses – coupes, not flutes. Each should be touching the one beside it to create a diamond-shaped gap. For a six level tour (ambitious aren’t we?) start with 36 glasses on the bottom. Then 25, then 16…you get the picture.

3. Add your second layer by making it one glass less wide and 1 glass less long than the first (if your base is 4 x 4, your next layer should be 3 x 3, etc. etc.). Each glass should be placed on the diamond shaped gap and should also, as before, touch its neighbors.

4. Continue creating your layers until you have one glass on top.

5. Ready, set, pour (and hope for the best).