Casa Dragones tequila provides a refined taste

The pairing phenomenon has been going strong for years in the culinary world. Adventurous foodies, some bored with wine, created new ways to enjoy meals with thoughtful alternatives. The movement positioned imaginative cocktails and even beer as appropriate ways to experience each course.

As a result, stand-alone spirits like scotch and tequila also surged in popularity. One tequila brand in particular, Casa Dragones, born in 2009, has a refined taste for silver tequila that’s won the palates of renowned chefs, sommeliers, and tastemakers. Designed for sipping without distraction, this brand has been served to the biggest names in the industry at the James Beard Awards ceremony for the past two years.

Co-Founder and CEO Bertha González Nieves is the first woman to ever become an accredited Maestra Tequilera and she says everything is done by hand to set this tequila apart. After she selects the finest blue agave plants, they are distilled several times with pure spring water in order to remove natural impurities. Adding a hint of extra añejo tequila rested in American oak barrels for more than five years is the last step and results in 100 percent Blue Agave Joven tequila, one of the five official classifications of tequila. The yield is a lively platinum color that can be seen through the handcrafted crystal bottle and through the walls of the special tequila tasting glasses (resemble flutes) that are recommended for sipping it neat.

The delicate taste doesn’t overpower food and balances nicely with both savory and sweet. At $275 per bottle, this tequila is fitting for special occasions. You can experience a proper Casa Dragones pairing at’s dinner at Oak Tavern to celebrate the website’s fifth anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. RSVP by clicking here: