British DJ jozif brings fresh sounds to Miami

Naturally, most of the attention during Miami Music Week will be on the Ultra Music Festival, plus superstar DJs performing at megaclubs such as Mansion, LIV and Space. But there are many gems under the sonic radar that deserve similar fanfare. One such bright spot is British DJ/producer jozif, who is the first DJ to be chosen for the new “Balance Presents” CD series, which highlights young talent pegged to become the next superstars. He will be performing all over the place at smaller venues such as the SLS Hotel, Treehouse, Bardot, Villa 221, Cameo and Electric Pickle.

What does it mean to you to be the first artist selected for the new “Balance Presents” series?
A lot. I feel very privileged to be able to add my name to the amazing list of people that have contributed to the Balance Series.

I understand your mix was influenced by the sudden, tragic passing of a good friend – how do you feel about the end result?
I’m happy with it overall, but to be honest with you, I haven’t actually listened to it that much. It all happened so quickly, this version anyway, that it just kinda came out of me, and that was that. It’s a total contrast to my RA Podcast I did back in 2010 – when I was writing that, I must have gone over it about 10.5 billion times.

The mix has a haunting beauty – are your live shows similar, or more upbeat?
Depends – mostly I’d say most shows tend to be a bit more party-ish – more upbeat, but it really depends where I play. If I’m doing my favorite place in the world (Fabric’s Room 1) then I’ll play a whole lot more deep and low-slung.

I hear a bit of Moby in your style – maudlin, minor-key tones overtop lively beats. Is he influential to you, or is it coincidence?
Totally coincidence – I don’t think I’ve even ever listened to a Moby record!

Your father was a drummer and your mother a ballerina, so obviously you grew up in a very musically creative world. But what steered you toward DJing and producing and EDM?
I’m not entirely sure, really – I just love all types of music, and DJing was something that I got into at quite a young age and have continued with, but I think had I learned the guitar or the drums, then I’d be playing those instruments now. Music is just music to me – it doesn’t really matter where it’s from or what category it belongs to.

You’re performing all over the place during WMC week – how will all your shows differ?
Depends on what time and where I’m playing – for example, the boat parties will definitely be different from my 5 a.m. nightclub shows. I think it’s important to pay attention to the setting you’re in and adjust things to suit. There will always be those few records you “always play” regardless of when and where, but on the whole each gig brings a different set of ideals with it.

Are there any specific gigs you plan to check out during your free time?
There’s so-o-o much going on that I just tend to wander from show to show, seeing as much as I can. Sometimes you’ll stumble on a belter and other times you can go for days without ever having it right off.  I’ve got quite a few shows this year, so I’m not sure I’m gonna have too much time on my hands.

Is this your first time at WMC?
]2006 was my first visit, but I think 2010 was my first year working.

What do you think of Miami?
I love it – I think I prefer it when it’s not MMW, because it can get a bit hectic. But it’s a great place, especially coming from snowy cold London.

“BTs5” by jozif