Borgore comes to Mansion

Most DJs want their crowds to have a fun night, to let loose on the dance floor and get lost in the groove. But Borgore wants you to get nasty.

And the Israeli superstar DJ/producer, who revolutionized the exploding dubstep scene by mixing in hip-hop and even metal (he calls it “gorestep”), shows off his freaky side in no uncertain terms, with tracks like “Nympho” and “Act Like a Ho.”

Safe to say, those who are easily offended might not want to catch Borgore – real name Asaf Borger – performing live Friday night at Mansion in support of his upcoming album, “New Gore Order.” But for party people who aren’t afraid of getting wild and crazy, this show is a must.

Borgore talked to about the new album, his love of Miami, and whether he really helped send Miley Cyrus over to the dark side.

So I imagine you have a lot of new music to drop?
Correct – I’m about to finish the new album, so there’s plenty of new stuff I got. I don’t want to give names out yet, because I’d rather keep some of the album a secret, but I have a bunch of really cool new stuff from the album, which comes out July 8.

What’s your vision for the new album?
It’s honestly all over the spectrum. I’m trying to show that I can kind of do everything – it’s got everything from dubstep, which everyone knows me for, to big house, which is what I’m doing lately. It’s cool.

You’ve always been a step ahead of the dubstep crowd. What’s the next evolution for the genre?
Honestly, it’s a weird situation right now, because I could tell you that a year ago, all of a sudden everyone’s doing trap. And now everyone’s doing big-room house, but big-room house is starting to get boring. So I really don’t know, but I think that more melodic stuff will become big now, more songwriting than just noise. But who am I to say?

What else can we expect from your set?
I’m gonna play it by ear. I’m thinking I might play some techno, but I don’t know because Miami is not very techno-ish. But I have a bunch of really cool new stuff that I’m dying to play somewhere. The beautiful thing about being a DJ is having the ability to read the crowd and play whatever they want to hear.

Do you add any vocals live?
Yes, I always sing over my songs, because there are a lot of songs that I actually sing. There are a lot of new songs that people don’t know that I sing on as well.

Are you as nasty in real life as your lyrics would suggest?
Um … there’s a time and a place for everything. I think everyone has this side to them, right? Maybe if you’re Amish, you don’t. Everyone likes having a drink and having sex now and then [laughs].

Do you get criticized by feminists because of your lyrics?
They used to get upset more often, but I think they have bigger wars to fight. Like, there are a lot of female pop stars that sing about things that might be bad for a female, and their followings are young – so they can teach 12-year-old kids that a chick is a whatever. Then you’ve got a problem, especially when a chick says it. My music is just fun music for an 18-plus crowd. And at least my songs are very blunt, so you can understand some of the humor, you know? It’s more dangerous when these things come subliminally into kids’ minds, you know?

Is it true you turned Miley Cyrus into a wild child?
I mean, tell me I’m wrong [laughs]. It wasn’t just me that did it – I was just part of her becoming the way she is from being a Disney princess to being … I don’t know – how would you describe Miley Cyrus right now? She’s doing f—ing well, though – I’m really happy for her. And she’s doing whatever what she loves to do, rather than doing whatever people want her to do. I don’t think it’s being dictated – she’s being herself, and that’s why I’m happy for her.

What inspired you to work with her in the first place?
I wanna try different things, you know? And working with a Disney princess was just like – I wanted to show the world, Look, I can take a Disney princess and make her look cool.

You’re down in Miami a lot – is there something special about this place?
I think Miami’s special for everyone, right? Everyone’s thinking about Miami, from Drake to Rick Ross. I don’t know – it’s just one of the best cities in the world. It depends on what you’re looking for – if you’re looking to just Zen out and do yoga, I’m not sure it’d be in your top 5. But for anything else, it’s the place to be.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I actually sing about it on my new album. I have a song called “This Won’t Be My Last Year.” It goes: “This won’t be my last year/So this is a promise/Loud and clear/I’m still here/I’m gonna win/I got this.”