Behind the Bar: Ashley Danella

For Miami Beach bartender Ashley Danella, her love for the beach and its vibrant nightlife made her trek to the Magic City from a childhood spent growing up in Boca Raton. An avid fitness lover and self-proclaimed homebody, it’s usually behind the bar at Burger & Beer Joint in Miami Beach where many see her shine as she flashes a gleaming smile and mixes up their favorite concoction.

Danella took the time to chat with us about her love of mixology and what makes for a very unique signature shot.

Has anything unusual happened to you while bartending?
Working in South Beach, I always serve athletes and celebrities, and my friends that come in are pretty wild on a regular basis. There have been food fights, a little bit of exhibitionism, and one night involving an inflatable farm animal… but what happens at B&B, stays at B&B! What most people consider unusual is a nightly occurrence at my bar.

Do you have a signature drink?
I wouldn’t quite call it a “signature drink”, but there is a drink, shot rather, that I am known for. It’s called a “Recycled Shot”. I pour a shot of Jameson into a shot glass, take it into my mouth, swish it around and spit it back into the glass. The customer then takes the shot and on request I proceed to give them a nice slap in the face! Sounds pretty ridiculous, and gross, I know. It all started out as a joke with a few regulars and just sort of grew from there.

Tell me something people don’t know about you.
As loud and crazy as I may seem behind the bar, I am actually super mellow outside of work. I’m a homebody, I love to stay in and watch movies, bake, and cook dinner for my friends.

What do you love about the Miami nightlife?
There really is something for everybody. And somewhere to go at almost any hour.

What’s your favorite thing about bartending?
It’s my outlet. It gives me a chance to play, entertain, and let my alter ego run rampant. It’s also a great way to meet lots of really awesome people.

From the book of Barguments –  True or False: 40 is too old to do a shot of Jagermeister at a bar. Why or why not?
You’re NEVER too old to do a shot of Jager! It’s always an experience one needs to have.


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