Bar manager calls out Snooki

Courtesy of MTV


Jersey Shore star Snooki may want to think twice about entering Oceans’ 10, where her infamous bar fight went down Saturday night.

We caught up with Richard Van Leuvan, the Ocean Drive bar’s night manager, who thinks the brawl with a male patron was staged for the MTV cameras.

“The simple reason is that her bodyguard didn’t do nothing,” he said. “Why would he let someone walk right up on top of her?”

The cleanup was a pain and Van Leuvan wouldn’t mind MTV paying for his dry-cleaning bills.

“The manager on before me had ketchup up all over his shirt. A couple of waiters had ketchup on them. They all wear white, so they’re stained for the rest of the [shift].”

No wonder he threw Snooki out.

“She said, ‘Why did you ask me to leave? You don’t even know what happened,’‚” Van Leuvan recounted.

“I said, ‘I don’t know, but I know I have to run a restaurant and I don’t need this here. If you wanna fight, go out somewhere else.’”

How’d she deal?

“She just turned around and said, ‘You’re gonna lose a lot of money.’”

Is the Jerseyite banned?

“I don’t know about banned, but if she comes in here tonight I would have something to say to her,” he said. “If my daughter acted like that I’d call her a fool.”



Does Snooki need anger management classes?

The sassy Jersey Shore star got all hot and bothered Saturday at Ocean’s 10 bar, the cast’s regular Ocean Drive hangout.

The shortest of the cast members (Nicole Polizzi) threw food and slapped a patron on his shoulder and face, then poured a drink on him after he said something suggestive. The patron threw a drink back but was escorted off the property by security. No police were called.

And what a coincidence – all was captured on video, with cameras rolling, leading cynics to believe it was staged for the MTV hit show which has been taping here this month.

(Click here to see for yourself.)

In gentler news: Are Snooki and The Situation a couple? The roomies were seen swapping spit at Tantra restaurant and nightclub last week. S&S had a thing back home in the Garden State, but the ab-master (Mike Sorrentino) doesn’t exactly look like he’s settling down.

On Saturday night, after the Ocean’s 10 incident, we spotted the cast partying it up at MI-VI in the Village of Gulfstream Park. Inside the packed club, The Situation looked around for a new lady,  while Snooki appeared to be a little low on cash – she let fans take pictures with her as long as you bought her a drink.

(What are they paying these kids?)


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