Band of the hour: Rimsky

Rimsky. Photo: Karen Keesler.

Pop music doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. A quirky quartet coming out of Hialeah hopes to change that with a distinct brand of humor, high energy hooks and a unique production style. Named after Russian composer Rimsky Korsakov, it’s safe to say that local Miami singer-songwriter-guitarist Rimsky Pons has music in his blood. Using his own name as the moniker for a hot new band, Rimsky has channeled his admiration for groups like the Beatles, Iron Maiden and The Kinks with a fresh South Florida spin.

Pons uses what he calls “the Motown formula” of combining upbeat Saturday night music with lyrics about life’s day-to-day problems. A fan of sixties and seventies recordings, the group combines the throbbing pulse of drum and bass with lighter guitars and tambourines, anchored by strong vocals and lyrics.

With an “if you build it they will come” mentality, Pons opened the Shack North Recording Studio, a rehearsal and recording studio in Hialeah that brought out clients that eventually became his band. After playing with a fair amount of musicians in the past, it was as if the glass slipper finally fit with this cheerful bunch, which includes Orestis Bardutsos (drums), Joseph Larrea (guitar and vocals) and Jorge Adrian Ubieta (electric bass guitar).

The future looks bright for this band as they plan to write and record more music and play a string of shows up and down the east coast. But most importantly, said Pons, they want to “keep the impractical, over-glorified hobby of rock n’ roll alive and kickin’.”

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Published: 2/09

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