Band of the hour: organicArma

Because their sound is so different, things haven’t always come easy for these philosophical electronic rockers. Their name organicArma is combination of the “organic”, or that which cannot be controlled and “arma” the Spanish word for the creation of something unknown. Faced with a tough decision to either leave Miami on a search for greener pastures to spread their futuristic electronic sound, or stay here and create a stage worthy of their talents, the trio chose to stay.

They are the founders of Awarehouse, a multipurpose warehouse venue in the Wynwood Design District that plays home to their creative process. Paying homage to both art and music their space includes the home of their Acustronic Concept Label, a fine art gallery, and an event space to host concerts and parties. Their performances are theatrical, reminiscent of any classic rock concert, but with creative visual elements of charged political, religious and philosophical influences.

Taking cues from cult electronica acts like Gorillaz, experimental jazz musicians like Miles Davis along with traditional classic fare, organicArma also brings in the existential thoughts of philosophers like Nietzsche adding another dimension to their very produced and methodical, “complex and complicated” sound as described by dhArma111.

Starting with seven band members, organicArma morphed into its current formation of 3 members a little over 2 years ago made up of lhArma (keys, bass, samples), dhArma111 (drums), and phAxas (samples, percussive MIDI, DJ). Currently planning a slew of college radio promotions, the group also has remixes and live cuts of their songs being distributed.  Their single “Discordia” is currently for sale on ITUNES, ZUNE, and MSN, so be sure get online.

Believing that the timing for their act couldn’t have been any better in our rapidly evolving political and cultural landscape, the group wants people to start asking questions, instead of just “blindly accepting answers. We want people to criticize [our work], to have fun, and to learn,” said Dharma.

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