Band of the Hour: Kingsley of Miami

 The members of Kingsley.

Kingsley of Miami want to prove that contemporary pop music isn’t all fluff. It can be deep, serious, fun and exciting all at the same time. These guys are Coldplay sprinkled with sunshine and beaming pride for the city that brought them together.

“A big part of Vic Kingsley is the city of Miami. We hope that we can bring attention to our city arts and let people be as excited for live music here as they would be in N.Y.C., L.A., London,” proclaimed front man Vic Kingsley. All having met through music circles within the University of Miami campus in 2007, it’s clear this band has a strong mission to create powerful music. The multitalented Vic showcases his skills on vocals, keyboards, harmonica and guitar. Rounding out the group is Ethan Carlson on guitar and synthesizer, Jon Draper on bass and Luke Moellman on drums and keyboard.

With their insightful lyrics influenced by Pablo Neruda and Bob Dylan, ambiant sound inspired by Radiohead and Aqualung and captivating melodies swayed by British greats The Beatles and Oasis, KOM makes it easy for listeners to relate to their style. “Everyone in the band has a different approach to music, but share a common interest in sound,” explains Vic. Integrating their wide ranging musical backgrounds in jazz, blues, rock, classical, Latin and electronic genres, the unsigned foursome are able to blend those elements into a solid and intense pop structure. “We like to have many layers to work with,” continues Vic, “but still keep everything tight and make sure the melodic elements are strong.”

The high quality of These Frequencies, their first full length album, can only foretell their success, and their biggest hit to date, “Fall With You,” reflects their passion with lyrics like: “I know what I want, and that’s to fall with you and get lost in a song for two.”

The band looks forward to a busy nationwide summer lineup, music video shoots, time in the recording studio and an upcoming residency at the Biltmore Hotel. When asked what they love about playing in Miami, Kingsley put it simply: “There’s… a sense that the Miami scene is still under the ‘national radar’ so we hope to be a part of things as the scene continues to grow.”

Kingsley performs 9 p.m. August 24 at the Van Dyke Café, 846 Lincoln Road; 305-534-3600; for more info and a complete schedule, visit

Published: 7/08


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