Band of the hour: Huma Rojo

Huma Rojo

Huma Rojo aims to touch a nerve, evoking emotions in their fans whether they come in the form of a smile or tears. In their minds, these kinds of reactions complete the creative process. While enamored with the recent explosion of the art and music in Miami, the collective plethora of creative minds pushes this group to do things a little differently to get noticed.

Promotional photos of the unsigned trio dressed as terriers playing instruments provide a clue into their modus operandi. When asked who they admire musically, The Cure, Juana Molina and The Beatles are a few major names that came to mind. Their bilingual songs laced with haunting and almost ominous sounds have brought something new to the table, a great feat given the diversity in local music.

Writing from the heart for the last three years, Huma Rojo’s members all met on the Miami indie music scene. A multinational trifecta, Damaris Vicke (lead singer/songwriter, bass acoustic guitar) has roots in Mexico, Javier Güell (guitar, vocals, arrangements) hails from Venezuela, and Daniella Bertoldi (keyboards, melodica) is the resident Brazilian. All transplants from other local indie bands, the trio has finally settled into a groove. Currently recording their first album, the gang of Huma Rojo look forward to its May release and touring in Florida, Mexico and California – as many places as they can.

A trippy mix of ingredients from basic chord progressions to the addition of words, melodies and arrangements create unique sound bites that represent the band. “We aspire to reach the inexplicable synergy in the magic of art by inspiring love, happiness, sadness, anger, and the everyday emotions that our songs speak about,” said Vicke.

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