Band of the Hour: ArenAzul


Six months into making music together, ArenAzul, a foursome of old friends from high school, has effortlessly garnered a massive following in Miami and all over the world. The band, whose name is a combination of the words arena (sand) and azul (referring to clear blue skies) in Spanish, is composed of members with Mexican, Cuban and Colombian roots, all of which (Robert Hernandez, vocals; Camilo “Milo” Velandia, guitar & background vocals; Daniel Restrepo, bass & background vocals; Angelo Garrido, drums & percussion) have a cool confidence that translates into feel-good music.

ArenAzul’s sound stems from a mixture of musical flavors inspired by Miami, with samplings of American alt-rock, jazz, reggaeton, hip-hop, pop, electronic, Spanish ballads and Latin rock. But more than anything, they find inspiration in bands that have a true passion for music. “We have always admired Maná, because being in a band is more than just practicing everyday and playing the right notes. It is about learning to understand your bandmates and accepting who they are,” said vocalist Hernandez.

On the heels of the successful release of their catchy single, “Mas Que Tu Amigo,” ArenAzul is eager to debut their first album next summer, followed by an extensive concert tour that will take them to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, California and perhaps even Colombia. Made mostly for dancing, all of their music is written from personal experiences, which further strengthens their authentic connection with fans. “When we are performing and everyone is shouting out the lyrics to our songs with huge smiles on their faces,” said Restrepo, “[I realize] that’s the reaction I want to inspire.”

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Published: 12/08

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