Ball and Chain in Little Havana brings the Brazilian Girls to Miami

The super-cool New York band Brazilian Girls is bringing edgy party music to Little Havana’s most popular haunt The Ball and Chain Thursday, Nov. 13. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for guests with tickets (that are nearly sold out at the time of this post). 

The foursome — Sabina Sciubba, Didi Gutman, Aaron Johnston, and Jesse Murphy — rarely plays in South Florida yet their unmistakable sound is perfectly suited for Miami’s worldly vibe. Disclaimer, in case you’re wondering: there’s only one female in the independent band and no one is actually Brazilian.

It’s an experiment in music you’ll want to experience while you still can. Expect pop, electronica, jazz, tango, bossa nova, reggae, and whatever happens to tickle their fancy that night.