Arena Restaurant & Lounge brings jazzy nightlife to Miami Beach

While there’s no shortage of loud and wild clubs in Miami Beach, there’s definitely a void for those who prefer a more intimate night out away from the intense parties. Arena Restaurant & Lounge hopes to fill that void with their new space 6th and Washington Avenue.

The new spot offers a modern take on a traditional jazz lounge with sleek, futuristic furnishings. The space promises to provide an alternative to the deafening techno soundtracks that fill South Beach’s clubs by offering nightly jazz music. The house band features local jazz musicians Hali Kaylon Rodriguez and Rene Toledo, who will be joined by acclaimed visiting artists. 

For the restaurant portion, Chef Eduardo Rodrigues will be executing the food for the restaurant; he’s cooked for some of the swankiest addresses in Miami including Fisher Island and Grand Bay Club. 

The space will be opening on November 14th at 9:30 PM, where the lounge will celebrate the birthday of lauded jazz musician Sammy Figueroa with a performance by the man himself backed by the Arena house band. 

Arena Restaurant & Lounge is located at 653 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. For more information, go to