Amnesia Miami Returns

‘Tis the season to party, party, party and this week is going to be  huge as we welcome back the famed club Amnesia. This was one of South Beach’s most iconic clubs in the ’90s and this week the doors re-open on Friday, October 21st with an amazing opening weekend line-up.

If you grew up in Miami (and even if you didn’t) you will have memories of the famous Colors parties that went down at the open-air venue on First and Collins.  After closing down over a decade ago, the club space was revived under the name Prive by the Opium Group, but that was shuttered over two years ago and now the space reverts back to its orginial incarnation. The venue itself has gone through some renovations, but overall the essence of the innovative club we all remember still remains.

The new space still has the private mezzanine and they kept a sleek and modern all-white décor throughout.  One of major changes is the addition of the roof — no expense was spared in making this the major focal point.  From what I saw, the lighting system is beyond amazing with over 150 Intelligent lighting fixtures, movable track lighting, and disco balls that will reflect all the lighting throughout the entire club. 

In addition to the brand new lighting system comes a state of the art sound system that will run in conjunction with the lights to make this an out of this world experience for Miami’s finest socialites.  The stage itself is a centerpiece and is comprised of movable LED screens that can be used to enhance any performance.

Amnesia will open its doors with a two-night Grand Opening event that kicks off on Friday with the Love Generation featuring special guest Bob Sinclar alongside resident Phillipe B (this event is already sold out). Then, on Saturday, the celebration continues with the Invasion Show with special guest Joachim Garraud.  Tickets for Saturday night’s event along with any future events for AMNESIA are available online at

This is definitely going to be the main event of the weekend, as Miami’s Elite will flock to the iconic club to see all the changes.  Doors open at 11pm and I can gaurentee that it is going to be slammed.  My suggestion is to get their early  (and I do mean early) and dress to impress as it will be at the doorman’s discretion.  For more information email


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